6 great ideas for small patios

Leigh Leigh
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A small patio does not meant that there are less decor possibilities. In fact, the square meter size has no impact on the beauty of a space.

You may find that a small patio can actually be much more charming and cozy than one that is made up of many square meters. And it's so much easier to decorate, trust us here at homify.

So today we are going to show you six wonderful ideas, which have the potential to make your small patio look like an oasis of peace and tranquility in your home.This space has the potential to become the most loved area in the home, where you can spend hours either alone or with family members or friends.

Give your patio the love and attention it deserves!

1. Elongated

It may seem that an elongated courtyard is very difficult to design and decorate, given its shape. But this isn't necessarily true. All that you need to do is make the absolute most of the wall as well as the corners, ensuring that there is room for traffic along the entire length of the patio, as well as access to the door.

In this design, by impressive professionals, Patricia Azoni Architects, we can see that they have anchored a long bar to the wall, which serves as a decorative shelf for plants when it's not being used. Thanks to the high bar stools, it can also be used for sun downers or morning coffee.

Can you see how beautifully wood and stone work as materials for a home?

2. With a pergola

Pergolas are very handy for any type of outdoor element. There are many models and infinite varieties that come in different materials and styles.

All that you need to do is decide on one that fits the size, shape and style of your garden.

In this design, we can see how the wooden pergola shades the patio, which is perfect for hot summer days. You could enjoy this space any time of the year. 

The patio is also brimming with flowers and plants—as it should be!

Have a look at this ideabook on how to build a pergola: a step-by-step guide.

3. Patio on a roof

Sometimes our patio is located in an unusual area, such as the rooftop! Don't look at the negatives of this, only the positives!

We must enjoy the fact that this space, for example, makes for a wonderful sun deck. Install a floor that won't get too hot in the sun, hammocks or loungers, a good umbrella or pergola and even a fountain or small pool if you can. You'll have the coolest spot on the block, with your roof becoming paradise on earth!

Have a look at these 7 wonderful roof terrace ideas.

4. Cozy paneling

Wood is not only a wonderful material for the floor or for outdoor patio furniture. It can also be wonderful for the walls around our patio.

In this way, we can cover up bricks that we don't like or wall imperfections. A facade like this one, made up of wooden slats, can achieve such an incredible final result.

Mixed with plants and a concrete floor, the result is a very natural and modern looking environment.

5. Barbeque area or bar

If you have a little more space in your garden or on your patio, or if you simply love a good barbeque or beer with friends and it's something you aren't willing to give up, why not dedicate a section of the space to a good barbeque or bar area like this one?

Made of brick with a wooden roof, this corner becomes a dream meeting place for lovers, friends and family. Those who want to enjoy summer and spring can do so at all hours in this space. 

Even though it's a tiny space, it doesn't lack detail!

6. Wood and nature

In this picture, we can see a tiny but well-optimized patio. We love the layout, the abundance of plants that surrounds it as well as the gorgeous flooring. A floor lined with wooden slats creates a very textured finished to the overall look and feel.

Creating a wooden deck like this can be a fun DIY project for the whole family. Get the right materials and get to work! Have a look at these 6 easy steps to the perfect terrace for inspiration.

Have you found these tips useful? Comment your thoughts below!

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