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Currently the trend when it comes to decorating bathrooms is to go for very neutral colors and light tones, probably to create a feeling that the space is much larger than it really is. But the use of color in the bathroom can make it that much more different and unique, with more personality!

You can use both warm colors and cold colors, or perhaps bring them together to create a bathroom that feels clean, light and tranquil. You may want to use a very hot color, like orange, for a bathroom for a child, for example. 

Yellow, however, is often used to illuminate small or windowless bathrooms. A cold color, like blue, can be used for the busy individual who needs to rest their mind. You can also be daring with purple or amber to get excellent results.

Also keep in mind that printed wallpaper with patterns or drawings can also be an excellent vehicle for colors in the bathroom.

Let's go and have a look at some colorful decor by top professionals and see how you can make a special change to this environment.

Colorful bathroom with a white base

This bathroom, in an apartment, gains a touch of color in the form of a glass mosaic on the wall. The natural tones of the floor and the white design of the bathroom itself ensures that this colorful wall gets all of the attention that it deserves.

This is proof that you can be daring and subtle all in one environment.

Orange to brighten the day

As we've mentioned before, bathrooms generally take on neutral or light colors to enhance the feeling of spaciousness. But sometimes these colors just don't suit the bathroom, especially if it is a space for children!

In this case, colors are part of childhood so its only natural that it would extend from the kid's bedroom to the bathroom too!

In this example, we come across the bathroom of a six-year-old girl, which has been finished in a bright orange color that lightens and brightens the space. No matter how tired you feel, this space will liven you up!

The color appears in the form of wall padding, the sink counter, storage cabinets on each side of the mirror, the mat and the wastebasket. It is combined with white so that it is not too overpowering.

Don't you love the modern shape of the basin?

This dynamic and cozy atmosphere can be used by the little girl well into adolscence!

Colorful and fun for the eyes

A small bathroom can really utilize color by adopting a daring decor style that will delight visitors.

In this image, the walls have been painted an elegant shade of pink, which is complemented by the tiling on the far wall, which features all sorts of colorful circles. 

The white color on the bottom of the walls contrasts with this beautifully, along with the bathroom fixtures, softening the impact of the color elements. 

To complete this look and feel, there is a large mirror on the wall above the sink, which decorates the colors and makes the room seem that much bigger.

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Amber for a cozy spot

Houses in a country style or rustic style generally make use of beautiful, warm earthy colors which are very close to nature like fire and clay.

This is the case when we explore this almost minimalist bathroom, which has utilized amber colored walls next to wooden panels that surround the bathtub

The effect is cozy and welcoming and gives us a sense of vitality. Without the wood to break up the color, it may look a bit excessive.

Glass and a light granite material also help to balance out this carefully decorated environment.

Yellow to lighten the space

Very small bathrooms often don't have windows, which means we have to invest heavily in beautiful artificial lights that compensate for the lack of natural light.

In this type of environment, it may also be useful to include a color that is going to illuminate or highlight the environment. 

In this image, we can see how the designers have created a modern bathroom with a white toilet, sink and walls, which works in perfect harmony with a bright light yellow sink cabinet. Don't you think that this gives so much life and light to the space? It also works in partnership with the geometry of the black and white flooring.

A color like this truly makes a space feel lighter and more airy.

Again we can also see what an impact the old trick with the mirror has, making the environment seem that much bigger. The result is a clean and spacious bathroom, despite the small size.

Purple to be daring and elegant

Some people prefer to use cooler colors in the bathroom but that does not mean you have to go for soft tones and shades. In fact, even with cool colors you can be daring and go for an elegant look and feel.

In this image, we can see how purple works in perfect harmony with a neutral-colored sink, stone flooring and a large mirror. The combination of these tones gives a very refined look to the environment. Don't you love the cute little round window made from wood?

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Blue to calm the mind

Blue is a color that always goes well in a bathroom because it brings us back to that idea of cleanliness and tranquility. 

But the shades of blue can be applied in many different ways and you can introduce light and dark tones.

In this image, we can see how gorgeous turquoise can be in the bathroom. The wall and sink cabinet have been decorated in this color, which combines beautifully with the marble counter tops and large mirror. Don't you think it creates a gentle beauty that never goes out of style?

You immediately feel serene walking into this space, making it the perfect place for relaxing in a hot bubble bath or taking care of yourself with some body and beauty rituals.

Pink to enhance the environment

Slightly less bold and more stimulating than red, pink is a very powerful color that is usually associated with the feminine. 

But this is a great color that can be introduced in various shades. Can you see how it enhances the entire environment?

The counter top and the little shelves next to the mirror are finished in this beautiful pink, which works so well with the white used throughout the rest of it. Modern and bold, the color pink in this space creates an atmosphere that is full of freshness and lightness, perfect for young and creative people.

Striped to decorate with style

The bathroom space can also introduce different colors in various forms such as geometric patterns or other designs. 

A great example of this is the stripes that we can see in this image. The walls of this bathroom take on a very eclectic style thanks to the rectangular tiles that are finished in light blue, dark blue, white, grey and black, alternating in a striped design.

The result is a very stylish look and feel, which is also soft and delicate.

The same striped effect can be obtained with warmer colors for a more vibrant result.

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Which colors work for your bathroom?

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