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Fertility Charms—Increase Your Odds of Getting Pregnant Now

Maha Ahmed Maha Ahmed
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Fertility charms can be a multi-purpose style of jewelry. They are just not only attractive, but they are thought to hold regenerative therapeutic components from within the earth that may improve fertility, maintain hormonal balances to prepare a woman's body to get pregnant. That seems to be a pretty tall order for a semi precious stone dangling on a charm necklace or bracelet. However for hundreds of years women have held the belief that fertility charms can do just that.

In numerous cultures from around the globe, women came together in groups to forage outside of their communities in search of fertility stones to make into fertility charms, necklaces and bracelets or to carve them into beads and Fertility sew them on to their garments. They believed that the powers of the stones were so strong they have the ability to transform any woman's body, increase her fertility levels and prepare the perfect environment for her to get pregnant.

Ovulation stones used to make the decorative fertility charms includes Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Mexican Fire Opal, Bloodstone, Calcite, Vessonite, Dolomite, and Smoky Quartz. A number of these semi precious stones are believed to have a positive direct impact on increasing levels of a woman's fertility. Others believe they contain the restorative powers that can aid in the enhancement of a woman's circulation and reproductive health.

While some women choose to make a nest of fertility stones and put them around their bed, other women think that keeping the energy nearer to their body, throughout the day, is much better. Consistently wearing the fertility charm, bracelets or necklaces allow them to receive all of the benefits from within the stones within 24 hours a day.

For all those women interested in creating their very own fertility charm bracelet or necklace many of these fertility stones can be found at their local bead store or online. Additionally you can find businesses on the web which market fertility charms and some businesses permit you to design your own, by picking out the exact stones you need and the metal of your choice.

Excellent options when building your fertility charm necklace or bracelet are stones which were carved into ancient fertility symbols. Eggs, turtles, butterflies and Kokopelli are just a few of the available fertility symbols. Butterflies have long been associated with fertility due to their ability to go through a metamorphosis of rebirth and the symbol of a new life. Rabbits and eggs are thought to be symbols of fertility, as is displayed at Easter time. and is one of the leading symbols of fertility, eggs are celebrated in springtime to symbolize the beginning of life cycle again.

In many cultures turtles represent fertility because of the capability they have to lay so many fertile eggs. Kokopelli is the Southwest Native American god of fertility that is a symbol of the fertility of life.

My encircling yourself constantly using the healing power of these fertility charms enhance your overall reproductive health, balance your emotions, boost up fertility levels and enhance your overall chances to conceive.