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Howo Road Sweeper Truck

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If you are looking for an efficient sweeper truck that can handle all kinds of debris and dirt, you should check out the Howo road sweeper. This machine is very effective and efficient and is very affordable. It has an electronic control system that allows the operator to perform different functions and tasks. In addition to that, it also has a broom and a daily sweeping option.


Street sweeper truck HOWO is a high-performance sanitation vehicle that is equipped with many modern features. It is a special sweeping equipment that can be used to clean roads, squares, parking lots, airports, parks, etc. Some of its features include air conditioning, water sprinklers, a vacuum cleaner, garbage bins, and even a sweeping system.

This piece of high-efficiency sweeping equipment can also clean the dust off the roadways and other outdoor areas. Besides its primary function of cleaning, it can also improve the longevity of the road surface. In addition, it is a high-tech machine that combines multiple cleaning systems, saving time and effort.

The main components of this machine include a high-pressure water spray, a vacuum system, a suction hose, a low-pressure flushing system, a sweeping system, a dust bin, and an auxiliary engine. The machine also has a swivel nozzle, a wide spray rod, a garbage bin, and a spray dust reduction system.

The company that manufactures this machine has more than three thousand workers. It is the biggest manufacturer of this type of machine in China. Other features include an electronic control system, a high-pressure water spray, sweeping dust reduction system, and a swivel nozzle. And it is the best-in-class when it comes to the size of its dust bin.

Road sweepers have been in use for decades, but the machines are still being improved. They can help reduce traffic accidents, extend the life of the roads, and clean the air medium. But what's the best way to get the job done? There is a lot of sweeping equipment in the market, so you have to make sure that the one you are considering is not oversold.


Howo road sweeper truck is a kind of heavy-duty vehicle, integrating road cleaning, garbage recovery, and watering functions. This vehicle is suitable for daily sweeping in construction sites, parks, squares, and public areas. It has four sweeping brushes and a spray nozzle.

The cleaning system is operated by an auxiliary engine. The high-pressure pump is super strong and efficient. Water can be sprayed into narrow lanes and narrow passageways to prevent dust from re-polluting.

The chassis of this vehicle is made of stainless steel material tanker. Its body has a wave-shaped design. The vehicle is very beautiful and reliable. A special truck has four sweeping brushes, a sprinkler cup, a water tank, a stainless steel vacuum tank, a sub frame, and a hydraulic system.

SINOTRUK has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing heavy-duty trucks. They are now introducing German MAN technology and factory inspection standards. Their products include the HOWO T series. These products are economical and reliable. The company has won the 2011 Chinese Patent Award of Excellence.

Howo 5 cubic meters vacuum road sweeper truck has a maintenance-free fan, high-quality air conditioning, and Siemens electronic control switch. It also has a wear-resistant hydraulic cylinder. As a result, it has a maximum operating capacity. Also, it is equipped with left and right front sweep automatic avoidance function.

With a wheelbase of 3300mm, this vehicle has a wide range of applications. Moreover, it can be customized to meet the needs of various customers. Besides, it is very environmentally friendly. In addition, it has a unique and stylish design. Therefore, it is loved by many customers.

As for the composition of this truck, the main components include the auxiliary engine, the water spray nozzle, the electromagnetic control valve, the fan, the water tank, and the chassis.

Daily sweeping

There is more to daily sweeping than just collecting debris. Street sweepers are the first line of defense against unwanted litter in our cities. They clear streets of littered storm drains, park and ride lots and sidewalks. During the summer months, they also spray water on the ground to help cool off and dampen the dust.

While sweeping, a street sweeper has to navigate between different brooms and contend with more obstacles than the average driver. Aside from the obvious hazards of navigating traffic and navigating pedestrians, there is the challenge of monitoring the amount of trash that has been collected and ensuring the effectiveness of the brooms.

In the past, New Haven swept the streets at least once a month. On a designated sweeping day, the residents of City Quadrants were asked to vacate their vehicles and move them to the other side of the street. This task entailed the use of a nifty little vehicle named the Howo road sweeper truck. The vehicle carries the requisite auxiliary engine, which is actually a 57kW Jiangxi Isuzu TD-series dynamo.

A Howo road sweeper is more than a truck, however. It is made of stainless steel material and comes painted with a custom logo. The most important feature of this vehicle is its ability to handle more than one load. For example, a day shift street sweeper can pick up four loads in a single outing. Likewise, a night shift street sweeper can pick up five to six loads per night. The best part is that it all happens in under two hours.


Other features include a high quality maintenance-free fan, a Siemens electronic control switch and a high-pressure washing function. What's more, the vehicle has a wheelbase of 3300mm.


The Howo road sweeper truck is a multipurpose vehicle that can be used for a variety of jobs. It is designed to be heavy-duty, reliable and functional. As such, it is equipped with a large number of features. These include a sweeping brush, water sprinklers, suction nozzle and a high pressure wash function.

Despite the fact that this type of road sweeper is not designed to replace a human hand, it does provide a significant increase in efficiency. This is due to the use of inter cooling, turbocharging, a sweeping brush, and other cleaning systems.

This is just one of the many types of sweeper trucks in the market. Some of them are designed to remove debris from a parking lot, while others are designed to clean highways and roads. Aside from the basic broom sweep and water spray, they also come with additional equipment such as a garbage bin, auxiliary engine, a water tank, a vacuum cleaner, and even a water cooling system.

In addition, they are also outfitted with a high-pressure water pump, a sweeping dust reduction system, a wide-nozzle with a spray rod, and a low-pressure flushing system. For instance, the sweeping dust reduction system is able to sweep dust off the roof of the truck. Other perks include a lighted bar displaying the corresponding information, an electronic control system, a sweeping tamer, and a garbage container.

Nevertheless, despite the myriad of options to choose from, only a few manufacturers can claim to have produced the perfect vehicle. For example, the ISUZU sweeping road sweeper may not have the most powerful motor, but it's the most efficient. With the ISUZU sweeping road sweeper, it is possible to clear up tens of microns of dust, and general small stones.

Electronic control system

When you want to get a cleaning equipment, you should think about getting a Howo road sweeper truck. The HOWO road sweeper truck has been designed for daily cleaning in streets, squares and construction sites.

This vehicle is composed of a chassis, a high-quality hydraulic valve, an auxiliary engine and an advanced sweeping system. Its rear-mounted suction nozzle provides good sweeping performance.

In addition, it adopts the latest electronic control systems. These systems include the multi-dimensional electrical system, which integrates in-cab controls and hardware and software for intelligent safety features.

Another important element is the hydraulic dump system. This system makes working efficiency better. Moreover, this system is safe. With this system, you don't need to worry about re-pollution.

During the operation, you can customize the electrical controls according to your preferences. You can also make use of the dual steering function.

It is equipped with the reversing image monitoring and Hipross solenoid valve. A low water audible alarm is also provided. Besides, it has a pedestal mounted touchscreen display.

Howo road sweeper truck is beautiful, reliable and environmentally friendly. Its chassis has a wave-shaped body design. And its wheelbase is 3300mm. At the same time, it is equipped with a high-quality maintenance-free fan and an air conditioning system.

The hydraulic system is driven by an imported advanced hydraulic motor. In addition, the hydraulic pipeline adopts German standard technical sealing structure. Besides, the hydraulic dump system ensures safe operation.

Besides, the street sweeping trucks are equipped with four brushes, a hydraulic system, an auxiliary engine, a high pressure water pump and a low-pressure flushing system. They also have a water spray nozzle and an appearance modeling computer design.