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Learn How Mezzanine Flooring Can Transform Your Warehouse

Shivani Saxena Shivani Saxena
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One major concern warehouses struggle with is space. Any warehouse floor space is always limited, making the floor stacking system hard to implement further, leading to an increase in the use of vertical space. The best way to do it is by installing Mezzanine flooring system, allowing maximum use of every inch of square foot of the warehouse space, enabling greater returns.

Mezzanine flooring system is the best solution to grow or expand a business without changing premises or locations. 

Mezzanine floors allow for using unused vertical space within the warehouse to create more storage solutions. Its stylish and innovative design will elevate the appearance of any commercial building. 

To know if it's a worthy investment, here is how this flooring system can transform your warehouse:

These are elevated intermediary platforms used between two main floors to create additional space. Mezzanine flooring consists of primary beams, frames, and columns. The beams offer deck support, guardrails, and edge protection for improved safety. It's a cost-effective solution with several advantages that warehouses make the most of as they:

ü Offer specialised storage and racking options

ü Create space for job separation

ü Create functionality, and you don't need approval as you would when adding another floor to a space

Warehouses are constantly looking for means to add more space to increase storage. The mezzanine helps achieve that goal by exploiting the vertical space of high-ceiling warehouses. 

Below are other reasons that would make you want to use this flooring system:

ü They have high strength and load-bearing capacity, making them ideal for storing heavy, bulky and different sizes of goods

ü They help create zones for storing specialised equipment

ü They facilitate multi-level storage

ü They help create different areas for different work departments giving independent space while still offering proximity

ü They are easy to install and configure

Businesses or warehouse operators opt for mezzanine structures to increase usable space within the warehouse. Mezzanine flooring can achieve this in several ways:

Maximise the Existing Space

Investing in mezzanine decks allows the facility to double the existing vertical space, which would otherwise go unused. The best part is that these floorings can go above the 

shelving or racking systems already in place, creating a second storage level or an observational deck.

Creates Room For Office Area

Managing warehouses can be tedious, demanding, and requires a lot of presence. For this reason, it's always better to have an office within the premises. Mezzanine structures make it easy to create that additional space for an office area. You can partition the floor to get a quiet space for handling orders, meetings, calls or other management duties.

Cost Saving

Adding another floor or investing in moving warehouses can be challenging, time-consuming and costly. However, with the help of mezzanine flooring, the cost is relatively affordable, yet it offers more than a typical floor. Alternatively, you can use the cut cost to invest in other channels or areas to help boost business productivity while maximising the existing space.

Design Flexibility

The best thing about mezzanine floors is that you can build any design to match your needs. If the main aim is to improve the picking and packing of goods, the warehouse design company can help add specific design features to meet these needs. Regardless of the warehouse needs, the floor layouts are easy to design to help maximise the available space and increase efficiency.

The Material Mezzanine Flooring Is Made Of

There are several applications of mezzanine flooring, and each type will determine the kind of material used for construction. However, the common materials used include a combination of these:

ü Wood

ü Fibreglass

ü Concrete

ü Steel

However, the most common ones are concrete and steel. The steel grating on the floor provides slip resistance. For storage mezzanine, the best option is always the composite resin deck system because of its durability and lesser weight.

Shelving-Supported Mezzanines

These are ideal for warehouse floor storage solutions. They have a storage rack system as the primary support. The supports act as both the rack and the mezzanine support, and it's the best way to save on money and space.

Free-standing Mezzanines

Free-standing mezzanines have supporting columns that best use floor space and available flooring. It's easy to assemble and create wide-span traffic movements beneath it. It's suitable for storing parts and conveyor support.

The mezzanine supported by pallet racks is one of the most traditional storage spaces offering space above and in between. It's popularly known as Catwalks, enabling several spaces for loading and unloading pallets within the system.

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When thinking of increasing space and storage areas within a warehouse, mezzanine flooring is one of the best solutions to opt for.

However, to ensure you get the best structures and designs to suit your needs, work with a reputable warehouse designing company with experience designing and constructing these floors.