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Exposed brick walls seem to have an everlasting appeal. They continue to make a comeback in new forms with newer charms. The captivating beauty of the famed ladrillo architecture in the Khmer region, or the intense blue Ishtar Gate, proves this. Gothic and Georgian buildings also used bricks to decorate their facades and the interiors. 

Now modern homes are using the same techniques to design feature walls or style the interior of the house. Today we are going to show you a modern residential dwelling that uses bricks not to simply decorate the interiors, but to lift it to a whole new level…

Overview of the project

The project involved reformation of a house built in the last century, which has not undergone any kind of refurbishment since it was erected. The humble structure, standing on the road side, had very basic facilities and fittings.

Sabadell based Vallribera Arquitectes was entrusted with the responsibilities of handling the project. They reinforced the structure and gave it a trendy makeover suitable for a modern Barcelona residence. Post expansion, the living area comprises 184 square metres.

The minimalist décor of the living room, styled with a modern sectional sofa and TV cabinet, can be savoured from here. The magnificent kitchen-cum-dining room, occupying the other side of the room, looks like a gracefully framed photograph from a distance.

Kitchen-cum-dining room

A wonderful fusion between the architectural features of different eras beautifies the kitchen and dining area. High ceilings and walls studded with ruddy bricks of varying forms create a stunning effect. Floor to wall kitchen cabinets cover the entire front wall. 

The dining room shows a minimal yet tasteful selection of furniture, including a chic dining table, elegant chairs and storage units. The presence of the stylish pendant lighting gives this space a decorative feel. After seeing the kitchen and dining room design, hardly anyone could believe that the project was completed within an extremely tight budget.

Study in the loft space

The study shows an unusual but commendable mixture of different design elements. If the large study table, chair, bookcase and other small pieces of furniture give it a contemporary look, the brick feature wall and wooden beams certainly give it a slightly rustic appearance.

The low ceiling had to be partly opened up to allow ventilation and light. Though understated in appearance, the wooden flooring incorporates a style of its own.

Remarkable interior design

This now empty room is thematically same as the other parts of the building. Its fashionable interior is designed with partly exposed wooden beams, brick walls and cement flooring. 

Interestingly, a clever introduction of drywalls helped the designers to bring out the beauty of the bricks. Another important feature of this room is the small loft area, which helps to increase the storage space.


The small bathroom interior is unlike any other room, and rightly so. Its relaxing colour scheme, wall of glossy white tiles, cabinets and fittings give it a superlative appearance. To create a properly illuminated space, a small window has been built close to the ceiling to let the light pour in.

Exterior of the house

The exterior of the house is coated in grey concrete. The courtyard is also decorated with grey cement tiles. The warm glow of the interior, as seen through the large doors, creates a charming impression that resonates long after one has left the home. 

After seeing the chic design of this tiny residence, no one can doubt the words of Louis Kahn, “Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, and love.”

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