Best Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Best Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal, Press profile homify Press profile homify Single family home
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Even if you don’t have the intention of listing your home for sale soon, improving curb appeal is an important part of the homeownership experience. Walking up to a welcoming and inviting house is what every homeowner desires. You cannot feel at home if there’s a leaking gutter, fading paint, or a disintegrating walkway.

Similarly, if you want to sell your house, curb appeal is an important determiner of its marketability and value. The exterior appearance can immediately intrigue or turn off potential buyers. Investing time and money into improving your home’s curb appeal is beneficial in many ways. Below are the best ways of improving curb appeal:

1. Repair the Pathways

Apart from the roof and siding, the driveway and walkways leading to the front door are important contributors to overall curb appeal. Uneven stonework, cracks, and missing bricks make these pathways unattractive and dangerous. Therefore, work with outdoor experts to examine and repair the path leading to your front door.

Walk the way from your gate to the front door examining the presence of cracks and uneven bricks. Check for possible moss and grass growth or chipped pavement. Whether you have to fix or redo the entire pathway, use quality concrete bricks and blocks from Amber to create an attractive walkway.

2. Exterior Painting

Nothing improves the appearance and curb appeal of a building than a fresh paint coat. A new coat improves the appearance of weathered paint and entirely changes your home's façade. Repainting your house also significantly increases property value. However, you should pick the right colors to achieve these benefits. Neutral color tones will be your best option, as vibrant colors can hurt your home’s resale value.

3. Improve Your Landscaping

The landscaping tells a lot about the occupants of the house. If your lawns are well manicured and shrubs trimmed well, neighbors and prospective buyers will get a sense of a responsible homeowner. Clean and properly shaped greenery perfectly frames the property’s architecture.

On the other hand, overgrown lawn and shrubs are unsightly and derail your property’s beautiful details. If you intend to sell your house, note that most millennial buyers rate properties based on the appearance of outdoor spaces. Simple landscaping tweaks can increase property value by up to 5%.

4. Upgrade the Lighting

Your curb appeal should extend beyond daytime. Upgrading exterior lighting also increases the curb appeal of your classic home. Outdoor lights can improve curb appeal in many ways. For instance, uplighting can be used to highlight architectural features, accentuate trees or shrubs, and light pathways leading to your front door. You should also explore different light colors. Your outdoor lights shouldn’t necessarily be extra bright. They should be bright enough to deter robbers and intruders while improving curb appeal.


Ensuring that your home looks good and inviting is important, even if you don’t plan to list it. While different homes have unique needs and preferred upgrades, your home can benefit from the upgrades mentioned above. Excellent curb appeal is an important part of the homeowning experience.

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