Bedroom Lighting Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel Extra Cosy

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Bedroom lighting tips to make your bedroom feel extra cosy, Press profile homify Press profile homify Master bedroom
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The perfect lighting for the bedroom is essential to ensure warmth and comfort in the room. In addition, different light sources can enhance the decor and bring much more practicality to everyday life. There is a wide variety of lighting options; that can help you create the perfect ambience in your room. 

There are countless ways to use light to your advantage and brighten up your room smartly and stylishly—whether direct lighting through ceiling light fixtures, indirect lighting, or lampshades on top of the nightstand or bedside wall lights.

Main lighting

Regarding the main lighting of the space, it is necessary to have special attention because the room is an environment where we usually go to rest, so very punctual lamps end up obscuring the vision. Therefore, the best solution is to use lampshades with indirect light or a spotlight just above the headboard, protruding over the wall.

Lighting for reading

For support or reading lighting, pendant lights or sconces are perfect. These types of light are compact and great for small or double rooms. Besides being functional, they are very charming.

Indirect lighting

For a more relaxing ambience and cosier bedroom, a softer LED light source is suitable behind the headboard, in some joinery panelling, lighted curtains and lampshades. These are good options for indirect lighting that will bring comfort and refinement to the room. 

Remember to consider the importance of light design for different room uses. For residential spaces, for example, the indicated colour temperature is 3000K, which means warm white.

Essential bedroom lighting tips

Articulated wall light: This type of sconce is ideal, if you desire a focus on books or even turn to the ceiling and create an indirect lighting point.

Deflector Lamps: For bedside pendants, deflector lamps are an excellent option because they have a mirrored layer on the underside that avoids disturbing the eyes when lying down. 

Tube light bulb: For curtain or ceiling mouldings lighting, tubular bulbs are recommended instead of LED strips, as they cast light almost all around them, making the lighting softer and producing fewer shadows. 

LED strips: If the space in your room is limited, use LED strips in the joinery or headboard, allowing you to take better advantage of the space. To make this lighting more refined, arrange the strips so that the LED light points do not appear. 

Bedside table lamps: Choose bulbs equivalent of upto 40W and opt for domes that completely hide the light source so that the lighting becomes more diffused. 

Pendants: Pendants centred in the room are best to cast light to all sides, totally lighting the room. 

Spotlights: A great choice for general lighting in the bedroom. In terms of size, larger diameters of 50 to 60 cm are recommended, and they should be positioned at the sides of the bed.

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