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Notary Public FAQs

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A notary is a public official who plays a vital role in law and business. Almost all agreements that you perform in everyday life need legal backing and proof. The notary public is legally empowered to acknowledge signatures, conduct oaths and affirmations, and issue subpoenas in lawsuits.

How do I become a notary in the U.S?

Notary is a comparatively easy role to secure, in most cases only requiring the applicant to pass a simple test and go through some form of background check. The applicant must be at least 18 years old and a permanent resident of the state in which he wants to be a notary. Other possible steps include taking an educational course, filling out a notary application form, paying a fee to the commissioning authority, taking an oath of office at the area clerk?s office and obtaining a notary bond. These requirements vary from state to state.

How do I differentiate notary public insurance and notary public bond?

While the insurance protects a notary from financial liability in the case of an error while performing notarization duties, the notary bond only protects the public. The bond can be attained from insurance companies, however personal property can also be submitted as security.

What are notary public seals or stamps?

A total notarial strategy requires a notary's signature and seal, evidence that the notary?s signature is genuine and that the person is a notary public. The seal usually consists of the notary?s name, the state seal, the words "notary public", and the notary public commission number. A text is generally valid assuming that the expiration date is forgotten about by mistake.

What is the term of office for a notary and how could it be reestablished?

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holds office for four years. His commission renovation is made by mail or in person at the judgment of the appointing assistant. A notary must contact his assistant of a superior court for exact procedures.

What is a mobile notary public?

A mobile notary public is basically a notary who travels to the location of the client in order to satisfy his duties. The services offered are the witnessing of sensitive documents, overseeing their signing, identifying participants and administering oaths when essential.

Where and how might I find a notary public?

Notary publics can be found at a number of province offices, including the register of deeds office. They are also seen at credit union, mortgage companies, financial institutions, insurance company and courthouses. By using the Internet referral services or the business catalog of telephone books, you can easily find a list of businesses and individuals who offer notary public services.