Before And After: Five Old and Boring Homes Get Incredible Makeovers!

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When you drive past a home, the first thing that catches your eye is the façade. Various facades mark the landscape of entire neighbourhoods. From modern to country and farmhouse style, facades tell the story of the home within. When it’s beautiful, it speaks volumes about your aesthetic taste, individuality and lust for the good life. But when it starts getting old and derelict, and is left in such a condition, it reflects your negligence and lack of care for precious assets. So take a look at five aged and uninspiring facades which were rendered stunning makeovers, thanks to winning designer touches, and the use of the right colours and textures.

Before: Narrow and Dingy

Squeezed into a street, this home had a façade that did nothing to up the home’s style quotient. The narrow pathway and the gassy environs seemed uneasy in the company of the yellow hue and the exposed brick accents of the façade.

After: Modern Lines Shape the Trendy Façade

This trendy façade now enjoys layers in the form of minimalistic boxes which keeps the geometrical look alive, albeit in a more fashionable and expansive manner. The home now shows off smooth gleaming surfaces and a wide driveway that exudes spaciousness. This modern and chic look was rendered by Flores Rojas Arquitectura, architects in Mexico.

Before and After: From Staid to Modern

The staid looking structure of this former façade was filled with boring looking hues thanks to the stone finish. It was also partly hidden behind too much of greenery which was unkempt.

The new façade is now a neat affair with a neatly trimmed tree on one side while the driveway leads up to the entrance that plays with subtle colours like beige and white.

Before and After: From Dull Brown to Glowing Cream

This home had a boring brown façade which did not make a visual impact at all. The linear quality of the home was lost in an old-fashioned design scheme.

The new façade now boasts of a splash of cream to bring out the various contours of this linear space. The levels and layers make it an arresting design which is dotted with well planned greenery on the side now.

Before: A Lacklustre Home

Old black grills did not match the lifeless creamy paint as dry and overgrown greenery sat on the terraces. The old windows were also crying out for a makeover!

After: White and Bright Façade

The new façade is bright and white and has a set of steps that lend a lofty appeal. Well manicured lawns now sit on the side and draw the eye to the artistic layout of the property. The grills have been removed to reveal an open and airy veranda.

Before: Outdated Façade

This façade belonged in the Stone Age and needed an emergency shot of style! The greenery needed a taming hand while the stony look and chipped red windows needed an update.

After: Classic and Quaint

The new façade now has unparalleled prettiness thanks to the vibrant yet subtle sandy-hued stones and the solid railing securing the new balcony. The well kept greenery also adds to the charming look.

A splash of paint, a play of textures intriguing shapes as well as manicured greenery helped in creating novel looks for these five facades. Feel free to derive inspiration from them for your own abode. Here’s another before and after story to give you more ideas - Before and After: 5 Kitchen Makeovers Which Are Hard To Believe!

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