7 gorgeous houses where pianos take centre stage

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There aren’t many who do not feel enchanted by the world of music. We are sure that you too would agree with Henry David Thoreau who said, “When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times and to the latest.” Do you also actively practice music at home and encourage others to do so?

Today’s post is dedicated to all those music lovers who immerse themselves in the sound of music whenever they can. Let’s see how these houses let their pianos take the centre stage.

A grand living room for a grand piano

An elegant white living room filled with light and the sound of music – a cue for you to design your music room in style. Use pale shades and understated décor to create a graceful and sonorous living room.

If your home is designed in a classical style like this one, you can include a chosen few modern elements for a more eclectic charm. Staying true to the classical design would also do you no harm if you can ensure that this area is not cluttered with multiple unnecessary objects.

The charm of industrial design

The popularity of industrial décor is increasing by the day. The owners of this New York penthouse decided to set their piano in a large living room with an exposed brick feature wall for a striking contrast. Large windows and high ceilings, the few remnants of this listed building’s illustrious past, grace the interior.

But it is the piano which manages to engage everyone’s attention. Imagine, this large living room resonating with sonatas and allegros—bliss!

Let the music begin

The owners of this 1930’s beachside villa decided to place their piano in front of the bookcase, echoing Heine's words “when words leave off, music begins.” In this calm and cosy corner of the living room, music and lyrical verses find company in the roaring of the sea and the few attentive listeners of this Whitley Bay home.

Music room in a picturesque setting

This stylish villa, designed by Fingerhaus Gmbh, is located in a picturesque setting. The large glass windows and doors of this room afford generous views of the lush green surroundings. The grand piano occupies a prominent position close to the source of the light.

Spectacular views like these can act as potent sources of inspiration and help everyone in this house to get completely lost in a dreamy world, even if only for a brief while.

Piano in an open plan living room

This expansive living room is decorated in a modern style. The owners’ have decided to place the piano next to a window. Since this home follows an open floor plan, the music can easily be savoured from the dining room as well as the small kitchen.

Music and sunshine by the window

If you have bay or bow windows in your home or have plans to build one, you can easily create a cosy musical corner by placing your piano next to the window. Except for the instrument, you would only require a couple of comfortable chairs and a simple coffee table to decorate this space.

Do not forget to place a vase full of colourful flowers beside your gorgeous piano. Install stylish lighting fixtures to illuminate the space in the evening for impromptu private recitals.

Piano under the spotlight

What happens when you let your piano hog the limelight in your living room? The answer is you get a very refined looking space to sit down, play or listen to music, chat and sip on a cup of tea in between. 

See how this residence used beautiful ceramic tiles to embellish the flooring. A chesterfield sofa and cosily upholstered armchairs also occupy the space. Indeed, a delightful way to entertain the guests with music.

We have shown you some of finest musically infused rooms. Now, it is time for all music aficionados to act and give a similarly lavish makeover to their homes.

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