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Got a small kitchen and not sure how to make the best of it? Well I can tell you how. Look no further! The basics to getting your kitchen planned the right way are very simple.

Kitchens are busy areas, and with multiple surfaces and levels of storage to fit in, the space always tends to become packed in. But this packed space when designed smartly and with a little smart design aesthetic can really create a very warm, inviting and cosy space for you to spend time in.

It can also make cooking and serving a pleasure when well organized. One size fits all small kitchen designs don’t always work.

And so, I’ve got 10 of these perfect small kitchen ideas for you here. Keep reading below..

1. Let the light in

A well-lit kitchen is a happy kitchen!

They are just fun be in and work is not a chore. Whether you have to plan your kitchen around open windows or add extra lighting in there, make sure you have got enough light in there. Also because of the number of sharp tools, stoves, and how busy a kitchen gets, it needs to be convenient to see and look for things. You don’t want to be hunting for tools and stores of food in a poorly lit room.

2. Cut out bulky overhead storage—Most of it

Any kind of fully closed shelves with wood, metal or glass doors that are placed on the wall above shoulder level can tend to dominate and eat up the room. It also becomes darker, closed up and doesn’t make the room feel welcoming. Try floating or open shelves, at levels that are closer to your arms reach. The idea is that it doesn’t tower over and eat up space. You could use a pegboard or build hanging hooks on floating shelves to optimise space as well. The idea is to optimise your exact kitchen space.

3. Keep it visible

Unlike all other rooms, the items kept in kitchens, like pepper and salt shakers, vinegar and olive oil dispensers, sometimes come in very interesting bottles or containers. These containers somehow can also add decorative value. Try keeping interesting looking containers on open shelves, in any organized spot in the kitchen. It adds texture, colour and so much character to your kitchen. It will also keep up the mood and have your digestive juices going when these food items are in plain sight, thus making an inviting kitchen, regardless of it’s size

4. Avoid colour blocking

Balance every colour out.

Specially in a smaller kitchen, stay away from using bold contrasting colours in big spaces like cabinet covers. What it tends to do is shadow the space and make it look smaller. Stick with laminates for cabinet covers and stones for kitchen surfaces that are textured but not in extra bold colours and tones. A little muted tones work very well. A dark mustard, maroon, browns, beiges, pastels and various tones of grey work so well in the kitchen. If you are going with blues or greens, make sure you choose the muted tones and deeper shades like deep olive green or muted emerald green. Use bold standout colours only as very light accents in the mix here and there.

5. Different textures and small prints—Adding depth and detail

Just like your colour choices which we recommend can be a mix of many, use as much texture and print as you want. What this will do is, create character and depth. Avoid loud textures and large prints and you will do just great. You can mix it up and include both a much as you like to suit your taste and design style.

6. Smart storage

If you look online, you will find plenty of small gadgets that serve for storage in narrow spaces. They fit either in between cabinets, on the inner door of a cabinet or behind a door. In case you have a kitchen island, which is usually avoided in smaller kitchens, make sure you use the entire island below for storage. Also making the island functional like using it as a coffee and breakfast counter can help. You could also store wine bottles and other liquids horizontally within your open cabinets. Vertical or horizontal, custom made wine racks built in to your kitchen cabinets can be a fantastic solution.

7. Glass doors where possible

Maybe for your entrance to the kitchen and some of the storage cabinets, try and use glass. It is not only going to give you a similar illusion to what mirror does, but it can also be useful if you want to store interesting glassware or crystal and allow it to be seen.

8. Pull-outs and movable counters

Either a pull out kitchen counters and pantries from one of the built in cabinets, or a movable breakfast or cutting station trolley can really work wonders for the functional space in your kitchen.

9. Functionality—The counter—Double sinks do better

Invest in a double sink that’s saves dishwasher and counter top space. This is done by utilizing one of the sinks through the day for washing and the other for leaving dirty dishes or soaking dishes. Side edge panels will allow you to place dish wash soap and other items without taking up counter space.

10. Try some décor

Pendant or hanging lights, flower vases or potted plants can add a whole new vibe of happiness to your kitchen space. Add as much layering texture and detail through décor as you can.

How about a nice mirror? One of the simplest small kitchen ideas is to use one or two small wall spaces to fix a mirror. Mirrors create an illusion of depth and space when all else fails.

More is less for a kitchen. When it is high is décor value, the attention is far from the size of the kitchen and it stop appearing small anymore. Cooking and doing the dishes won’t be boring anymore!

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