6 Perfect Front Door Materials

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A front door is more than just the entrance to your home… it should be an expression of your personality, the type of décor you will see in your home, but the front door should also exude beauty, strength and endurance. There are a variety of materials, colours, designs and durability options available to make your front door special, but the important thing is to consider aesthetics and functionality for your home. This Ideabook will give you some tips on the characteristics of the materials available for your front door. So choose wisely!

1. Solid Wood

There are a multitude of front door options available for houses, including solid wood, a material that has withstood the test of time. It has a number of positive factors, including its resistance to weather, can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight, durability in the presence of moisture as a result of rain and even exposure to corrosive salty air in coastal areas. However, it also requires an annual varnish to maintain the wood and protect it against pests and the elements.

2. Iron Doors

Iron doors at the front of a home are a design classic, but although being stylish and elegant, these gates will require regular maintenance in order to avoid rust and protect the gate from being constantly exposed to moisture. The architects have created a sensational design here by combining an iron door with a red face brick wall for an authentic vintage home inspiration.

3. Delicate and Sensitive Wood

Although this is also a wooden option, the design and material is rather sensitive and delicate, especially when compared to solid wooden doors and requires care and maintenance to remain elegant. The metal forging of this door provides more strength, both visually and structurally. However, this door is still a great option for any home.

4. Solid Steel

Steel is another material that is often used for entrance gates, it can withstand a great deal of harsh weather, is easy to maintain and also excellently durable. It also offers great thermal insulation as well as acoustic comfort, so loud noises from outside are a thing of the past. However, finding steel doors to fit your home might require a custom made fitting instead of a visit to your local hardware store.

5. Aluminium

Aluminium is another shiny option that may just be perfect as your front door! This material is highly resistant to water, rust, moisture, wind exposure as well as corrosion. Aluminium requires very little maintenance and is highly flexible, making the manufacture a quick process. These conditions definitely make aluminium a versatile material for not only front doors, but interior doors as well.

6. Forged Strength

The use of metal forging for front doors is a relatively inexpensive process and is a great alternative for strength and security, without breaking the bank. Not forgetting that when combined with glass as seen in this sensational design, it looks like a designer inspiration from a French home. The only drawback to this beautiful design option is the low resistance to moisture. So regular maintenance is key to keep this front door remarkable. Now that your front door is taken care of, here are some: Practically stylish garage doors and gates for your home!

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