7 absolutely perfect materials for your front door

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A beautiful main door enormously improves the beauty of the front façade. Feng shui recommends that the grandest door of the entire house should be reserved for the entrance way of your home. It suggests a suitably wide, obstruction free and solid front door for every residential building.

Beyond aesthetics, a sturdy main door is also important to maintain a secure home. So when it comes to choosing the perfect material for your front door, what are the options that you can explore?

Solid wood

Solid wood doors have endured the test of time. With the advent of new design principles their look might have changed, but as a preferred material for the front door their appeal has never waned. They are extremely durable, strong and capable of providing security to any home. 

Premium quality solid wood like mahogany, teak, oak, walnut and cherrywood doors can be carved into beautiful designs. Not often do we manage to combine strength and style with such aplomb.

Aluminium doors

Aluminium doors are lightweight but strong. They tend to merge well with contemporary façades. They are easy to maintain and resistant to rusting and termite attacks. But an aluminium door requires specialised coating to increase its lifespan.

Though they are sufficiently weather proof, aluminium doors at times can show susceptibility to extreme heat.

Glass doors

If your main door opens towards a big hall or living room, then glass doors can help you to brighten up the space even more. Glass doors – framed in metal, fibreglass, wood or composite materials – are generally preferred for their stylish appeal.

From French doors to bi-fold partitions, sliding doors to tilt and turn, glass doors are available in a range of designs. You are free to choose any one of these according to your requirements and preferences.

Iron doors

Like solid wooden doors, iron doors boast an illustrious legacy. Forged iron doors can help you to create a very stylish entrance hall. They are available in a variety of graceful designs. Iron doors are generally installed in addition to the wooden or glass doors. 

Sometimes, they are combined with wood to create a stunning effect. Old Gothic doors are one of the prime examples of natural wooden doors adorned with iron studs and other decorative features. They are also helpful when trying to increase the safety of your building.

Wooden pivot doors

If you want to create an instant impression with your front door design, then you can opt for wooden pivot doors. They are wide with an interesting look and texture when natural wood is used to carve them.

You can also choose a pivot door made of metal framed glass or uPVC. Though, these are going to be considerably less secure than heavier wooden ones, they would create a luxuriously appealing façade.

Shoji door

Shoji doors, a characteristic feature of Japanese architecture, use a bamboo or timber frame with rice paper to create very beautiful entrances. Nowadays, synthetic materials are mostly used in the place of rice paper. 

Sometimes they are also decorated with charming motifs based on the traditions of the land. Their creative appeal and intricate lattice designs are bound to increase the charm of any residential dwelling.

Other options

Thanks to the advancement of technology, we have a variety of materials now available to us for our front doors. Some of these include fibreglass composite materials which can be made to resemble wood or aluminium. They boast a trendy appearance and are reasonably durable.

Engineered wood can be used in place of natural wooden doors. Glass doors with bronze framing are not too uncommon either. The popularity of bamboo doors is increasing by the day.

While choosing your main door keep in mind the design of your front façade and interior décor. Besides having an appealing look, choose materials are durable and strong. By investing on the right design and materials, you will easily manage to create a most inviting entrance one can dream of having.

So you've made an incredible first impression with your front door. Follow this up with a beautiful hall design!

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