The House with the Surprising Interior!

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Today we are going to explore a home with a striking interior, which also stands out for its distinctive facade, interesting geometry, unique design and expert implementation.

Designed by AGRAFFE Design, this house looks like something out of a fairytale.

This unique home is located in Russia and was built under careful observation by the owners, who gave the designers their exact desires and requirements.

The main entrance

In this image, we can see that in order to gain access to the main entrance over the home, you have to cross a small garden and walk up a beautiful curled staircase, which is designed with a gorgeous and intricate iron handrail, which is in itself a work of art.

In the foreground we can see that the paving is made with ceramic tiles, which alternate red and white.

The exterior of the home is decorated with small pot plants and flowerbeds, running around the entire perimetre. These are neatly secured by little brick walls.

The little lamp posts next to the staircase and the lanterns on the wall next to the door are functional, but also provide a very quaint charm to the look and feel of the exterior. 

Back garden of the house

This is the back garden of the house, which can be accessed from the house via a staircase that is similar to the one that we saw at the front of the house. Don't you love the way it twists down onto the lower level?

We can also see ceramic tiled paving, which we saw at the main entrance of the home, which adds a bit of colour and charm to the garden.

In the foreground, we can see that the garden is neat and well-organised with a manicured lawn and some gorgeous garden furniture. There are two wicker chairs and a table, where the inhabitants can relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the environment around them.

A very cosy interior

Heading inside this home, we can enjoy the cosy interior, which is achieved by the wooden floor, wooden beams and the false wooden ceiling. This gives a very rustic touch to the space.

We can see that the space is decorated with a round table, which seats four people, finished in all white. This works in harmony with the white kitchen area that we can see in the background, which is sleek and minimalist and also finished in all white.

On the one side of the room, there is a wrought iron fireplace, which together with the chandeliers on the ceiling, give that rustic yet elegant look and feel.

Don't you love the stone facade behind the fireplace, which adds a different tone and texture to the space?

The living room

The decor used in the living room is very classic, from the furniture to the decorative accessories. 

The space features two large sofas that are finished in a plush, soft purple fabric, which matches the curtains. The windows allow an abundance of light to filter into this space, warming it up as well as opening it up. 

A carved mahogany wood table works as a coffee table in this space, positioned below the very grand yet functional chandelier. The tiny pieces of glass that make up this chandelier complement the natural light that streams through the large windows.

A fairytale room for a child

In this home, we discover a child's bedroom, which looks like it comes out of a fairytale.

The little pink bed is crowned with a small canopy, which makes the child feel protected while she is sleeping. The detailed pink and white carpet matches the linen.

The walls feature a patterned pink wallpaper, with white finishes. The decor accessories hung on the walls are carefully chosen, enhancing the space. 

Next to the bed, there is an upholstered armchair, which looks as comfortable as it does grand. Can't you imagine a fairy godmother sitting on this chair?

The final touch is the impressive and elaborate light that hangs from the ceiling. It is a focal point it itself.

A bathroom with a mix of styles

In this image, we stumble across a bathroom that features both modern and classic decorative elements. The contrast is perfect, however, coming together in a trendy and modern design on the flooring. How impressive is the compass that decorates it?

The curtains, floor and lamp all feature a very stark, modern and funky charcoal colour while the ceilings, bathroom features and walls are a stark white. This is a very original and unique space that would never go unnoticed!

Just like we have seen in the rest of the house, the lighting is incredibly significant. This room features a very unique crystal chandelier, finished in black. It accentuates the elegance and originality of this bathroom.

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A full view of the main facade

From this angle, we can see a brick wall topped with a unique semi-circular iron gate, which separates the house from the pedestrian sidewalk and the road itself.

There are several materials—the red brick itself, the iron gate, the beige walls and the dark tiled roof—which come together to create a very impressive exterior. There are also so many beautiful windows, reminding us of a country cottage, even though this is a large and grand house. Every material creates a masterful combination.

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