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The world is moving fast and consciously towards sustainable living. Collectively the global citizens are working hard to become self-sufficient, at least, as far as a renewable source of energy is concerned. Climate change and global warming have become a matter of great concern. Hence, the innovators and scientists are working to improve the photovoltaic cells or solar panels technology and make it more affordable and accessible.  

From an aim to cover the roofs of every house, converting them to solar roofs, the professional solar roof contractors of SunRoof have ventured to a new avenue and came up with a more inventive solution to reduce the carbon footprints to the bare minimum. The innovative step is creating carports or what they rightly call Sunports, converting the garage's roof into an electricity-generating source to charge the electric vehicles while parked in a carport. If excess energy is produced, it can light up or run home appliances.

So, if you don’t want to renovate or change the roof of your house to convert it into a sunroof, yet you wish to make a change by switching over to clean energy, here’s the smart solution for you. Let’s check out the novel ideas of harnessing solar power by building a garage for your electric vehicles. Have a look! 

Drive Through The Technological Innovation

Opting for a carport with a solar roof is like getting the best for your vehicles. While the carport protects the vehicles from all-weather, the solar roof generates electricity to charge the electric vehicles, thus further reducing your carbon footprints and complementing your thoughtful investment in the electric vehicle. So, drive through the driveway and charge the vehicles with a clean and green energy source generated by solar panels on the same roof you built for their safekeeping. It is the perfect charging point for the electric vehicles you own.

Innovation Blended With Smart Technology

It's a design genius to build a carport or garage roof with smart solar panels to generate clean electricity instead of spending on renovation works. Being eco-friendly, smart solar panels substantially reduce electricity bills and carbon footprints. It is easy to install, and you can use it to cover the roof over the pergolas, patios, terrace shades, garden shed, and carports if you don't want to change the roof of your house. The beauty of the Swedish designed revolutionary technology used by the SunRoof is that it can be fitted on a free-standing structure and gracing the space with the shiny glaze of the clean solar shingles. Though the material of choice for the solar roof is treated wood, it can be customized and made to order even for metal structures.

Customised To Fit The Design Specifications And Budget Requirements

Economical and versatile solar roofs that come with 30 years warranty can be customised to meet the design specifications of the area to be covered and the clients' budget and requirements. Though the standard installation for carports is for 1-3 cars, it can be customised and stretched to accommodate more cars. You can customise your carport, pergola, patio or porches roof in whatever style you want, straight or with bends and angles. The solar roof by SunRoof will perfectly fit into the space. You can use the surplus energy produced by the versatile sunroof after meeting the requirements of charging the electric vehicles to light up the garden with solar power when the sunsets.

All-Weather Clean And Green Energy

That’s the benefit of opting for technologically advanced solar roofs for your carports, pergolas, patios, or even the roof of your house. The all-weather solar shingles are covered in an anti-reflective nano-coated self-cleaning smooth surface and have a de-icing system that ensures the efficiency of the solar roof even in dust and snow. After all, the innovative sunroof technology is developed keeping in mind the brutal cold season and dark winter days in the Northern hemisphere. If you happen to live in hot and humid conditions, you will be glad to know that the solar roofs are fire-resistant and offer absolute safety even on hottest days. As if that’s not enough, the expert team of the SunRoof are continuously challenging themselves to improve the designs, colours, shape, materials and develop a system and unique technology so that the world becomes self-reliant in clean energy production from a renewable source.

Portable Power Of The Solar Power

People don't know what they want unless given. For the people who don't want to change the roof of their house and still make the change and contribute towards climate change, the professionals of SunRoof came up with a smart solution of providing a solar roof without even touching the roof of the house. It's a portable solution for immovable property. So, even if you don't own a house and still want to power the vehicles with a clean energy source, build a green carport in the open space and then pack it up to move with you wherever you move next. The portability and versatility of the carport's solar roof keep it a step ahead of all the roofing ideas and technology available for the future.

The Solar Power Of Freedom

Harness the solar power and enjoy the benefits of inexhaustible energy sources to power your vehicles and house. With solar power at your doorstep, the nightmare of power failure and energy shortage will become a fable. Even if you are not an environment-conscious person, you can still install a solar roof to gain energy independence, generating electricity from the inexhaustible solar power to lead a self-sufficient peaceful life. So, no more dependence on electrical companies to power your home with sun at your discretion.

When Sustainability Meets Elegance

The more, the merrier! Following the philosophy of making an impact no matter how big or small it is, the green carport generating clean energy with solar panels on its roof can be customised for three and more cars in personal or commercial spaces. The all-weather compatible eco-friendly structure can be designed to make it a self-sufficient carport even for multiple cars. The aesthetically styled solar shingles by SunRoof will no longer be just a functional structure standing in front of the house, generating power for the vehicles or home. It elevates the elegance of the front or backyard with its beauty. So, no look no further and make an impact with carport or what the professional team of the SunRoof love to call-The Sunports. 

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