An Elegant, Economical And Eco-friendly Solar Roof Installation In A Home

An Elegant, Economical And Eco-friendly Solar Roof Installation in a Home, SunRoof SunRoof
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It's a small step that makes a big difference! Inspired by the simple saying, more and more individuals and professional architects, building contractors, roofers and even researchers and scientists working to harness the immense solar energy are turning to solar power to power the buildings. Maybe it's important or rather the demand of the time. Buildings are responsible for 40% of carbon-di-oxide or greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Hence, humans continuously innovate and develop technology to harness alternative renewable energy sources to replace non-renewable energy. It's a small step to save the planet.

Solar energy tops the list for the apparent reason when it comes to a renewable energy source. It’s a clean and sustainable energy source that helps fight climate change, and the environment-conscious individuals are relying on it, opting for a change.

So, when the owners of the beautiful home in the canton of Valais, a fantastic valley in the Swiss Alps, wanted to renovate their home, making it a perfect dwelling for sustainable living, they opted for solar energy. They wished to make the home self-sufficient and generate electricity from solar power to warm and light up the home and power the electrical appliances. The professional experts of the solar roof contractor of the SunRoof merged the traditional roof and the photovoltaic cells to create unique solar shingles to take up the entire roof of the house in the city of Tarmen. The owners were fascinated by the innovative idea of covering the roof of the house with solar tiles to trap the solar power and produce energy. If the idea has raised your curiosity to know more about it, scroll down and keep reading.

Work In Progress

The roof over a house is for reasons: protection, insulation, ventilation, and to complete the structure with a roof overhead. But what if you could convert an ordinary roof into something extraordinary that does all the functions of an ordinary roof and generates electricity for the house. Sounds interesting? Well, the expert team of SunRoof does exactly it, giving purpose to the roof by replacing the traditional roof with solar tiles embedded with photovoltaic cells to trap the solar energy and convert it into electrical energy.

When contacted, the professional team of the SunRoof firm travels to provide their expertise as they did for the house in the Swiss Alps. The roof renovation began by laying a quality waterproofing system. The workers built the base structure for the roof with wood under the guidance of the solar roof experts of the firm. The steep slope of the gabled roof was designed and planned to hold the weight of the solar shingles that would ultimately cover the roof of the house.

High-Quality Bifacial Solar Panels

The high-quality bifacial solar panels were used to cover the entire roof of the home in the Swiss Alps. Bifacial solar panels offer numerous advantages over traditional solar panels. The utmost advantage is that solar panels can generate power from both sides, which increases the cost-efficiency of the solar panels since more power can be produced from a smaller area. Both sides of the bifacial panels are UV resistant, making them more durable. The energy production of the installation in this home, covering the surface area of the roof, can reach 16,300 kWh/year, in addition to having a 30-year guarantee, which is quite an impressive figure and attractive advantage.

Combination Of Materials Assures Quality With Elegance and Safety

While the sun shines most of the day brightly on the house's southern side, the solar modules cover the southern side of the roof entirely. The orientation of the northern roof falls in the sun shadow area. Hence, the roofers of the SunRoof, the architect, and the owner decided to cover the roof's northern slope with Hygge metal. Hygge metal is a zinc-plated steel installation with extraordinarily shiny finishing that matches the shine of the solar shingles on the southern slope of the roof. The combination of solar shingles and the metal roof build up an elegant, safe roof design and style that brings comfort inside the home. The smooth transition of the bifacial solar panels and Hygge metal sheet on the wooden substructure built by the professionals of the SunRoof protects, insulates, ventilates the house, and generates electricity for the home.

Fineness Of The Elegant Finishing

The result of the roof installation by the professional team of the SunRoof definitely exceeds the client's expectation in its functionality, style, design, quality and overall aesthetics of the home exterior. The clear surface of the solar shingles, security bars bordering the roof, joints, trims, rain-water pipeline, every little detailing is installed and taken care of with the highest standard of professionalism. The solar roof installed by the SunRoof and the roof built by them has broken the perception of what we ordinarily expect when talking about the solar roof. The level of fineness takes the roof style and design to the utmost level of perfection.

When Functionality Meets Luxurious Comfort

The completed roof structure leaves no room for doubt that a solar roof can be a luxurious addition to your home décor from outside. The roof fits perfectly to fulfil the role of the roof. In addition, it also makes the house sustainable and a futuristic home that is self-sufficient in energy. The icing on the cake is that the technologically advanced solar shingles are installed with a de-icing and self-cleaning system, thus ensuring that they will remain energy-efficient for long.

So, if you are an environment-conscious global citizen looking for making a small contribution to climate change, turn your home into a sustainable home. Or, even if you are professional and looking for options to venture into the field of clean energy and sustainable homes, feel free to contact the SunRoof professionals. They will be happy to collaborate in bringing the change.

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