The Elegant Two-Colored Solar Roof By SunRoof

The Elegant Two-Colored Solar Roof By SunRoof, SunRoof SunRoof Gable roof
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For architects and homeowners, it is challenging to decide what color to put on the siding of the home they are building with a solar roof. Environment-conscious owners who wish to contribute their bit by harnessing solar power to generate solar energy to run their homes are often disheartened when they have to compromise on the elegance of the home exterior. The unmatched solar panels on the roof often contrast with the style, becoming an eye-sore of what could have been a beautiful looking home. Maybe the standard choice available for solar panels in black colour solar roof irrespective of whether they match the façade style, design or color or not, isn't it?

Creating a beautiful color palette for your home exterior is exciting, and that excitement increases manifold when the façade is in sync with the roof. When the roofing tiles happen to be solar shingles, they will elevate the home’s aesthetics and property value for years to come.

What the owner’s and architect’s envisioned was given the design, style and color by the professionals of solar roof contractors of SunRoof. The smooth composition of the brick and black façade in the barn-style house got complimented by the two-colored solar roof shingles. The roof of the house emphasises the harmony of the siding, creating a synchronised symphony with nature and the surroundings. The innovative technology of SunRoof integrated the roof with the solar shingles, making it possible to match the colors of the house façade. In fact, it’s the color on the top that creates an interesting visual effect that makes the house stand apart in aesthetic appeal. When the aesthetics of roof tiles combine with its functionality, where the ‘beauty also has a purpose’, respect for the house, its owners and the professionals who worked to bring the change increases manifold.

So, if you are still wondering what’s so special about the solar panels on the two-coloured roof, let’s take a walk with us. The glimpse of the roof in its subtle form and benefits of solar energy leave you amazed.

Roof With A Difference

Inspired by the traditional roof but designed with innovative technology and materials, the result is an energy-generating roof that made the building an energy-efficient home. What makes the solar roof more exciting is the contrasting color that’s in sync with the color scheme of the house exterior. It’s modern, minimalist, elegant yet traditional in style and with the splash of color spreading color, making a home in Poland beautiful with the ‘coolest roof ever’ as said by the proud homeowner. The traditional roof of the house gets a makeover with two-colored solar shingles, which works in a 2-in-1 mode, providing a roof overhead while producing energy for the home. That’s what a smart home should be doing, isn’t it?

Traditional Style Weaved In Modern Technology

The traditional steep slanting roof is designed to help the snow and frost slide down the gable roof with its weight. However, the advanced technology and nano-coated smooth surface of the solar shingles developed by SunRoof includes de-icing and self-cleaning systems, ensuring that the solar roof remains clean and efficient even during snow and frost conditions. The cutting-edge solar roof tiles by SunRoof cover the house's whole roof and produce enough electricity to light and heat the house and power all the electrical appliances, making the house self-sufficient. With the solar roof tiles replacing the traditional roof covering, the house enjoys the benefit of 100% free electricity with the beautiful roof adorning the house.

Smooth Transition Of The Two-Colored Solar Roof

Solar power solutions can be beautiful and elegant; see it to believe it! Brick colored solar shingles over the brick siding and greyish-black solar tiles merging with the blackish-grey siding, the abrupt transition of the two colors, the brick and black are made smooth with the same colored solar panels on the roof. The solar roof shingles are designed to meet the expectation of the highest aesthetical standard. The simple, modern minimalist building structure gets a stylish twist with the installation of meticulously constructed, incredibly designed and colored solar shingles, which proves that it is possible to generate solar power beautifully.

Elegance Of Modern Minimalism

It is clean-roofing devoid of any unsightly PV panels that match the simple body of the house exterior. The steep gable roof rising is in perfect harmony with the expansive open field around the building and an open sky shining above, changing the hidden solar panels embedded with the solar shingles to trap the solar power to produce energy for the home. The innovative solar power technology merges with the architectural style of the structure. The professionals of SunRoof work to enhance the architecture of the building, meeting the highest standard of aesthetics and environmental concerns of the owner.

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