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Small but Perfect: the 35sqm Dream!

Leigh Leigh
Mediterranean style bathrooms by Anna Serafin Architektura Wnętrz Mediterranean
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Who said that in order to create a special environment and a beautiful home that you need wide-open spaces and a large property?

Today the brilliant Anna Serafin is going to prove to us exactly the opposite. Working with only 35 square metres, the architects and designers have pulled out all of the tricks in the book to transform a small space into a very special home.

A refined interior

This is the first glance that we get of this little gem. 

The house is made up of all sorts of precious details, which are very subtle, creating a very relaxing and romantic look and feel.

The face bricks have been painted a simple and elegant white, which goes wonderfully with the shabby chic style that distinguishes this environment.

The lavender colour enhances many of the little details in the living room, kitchen and dining room, while the natural light illuminates the vintage style. 

How elegant is this beautiful apartment?

The White Space!

White is definitely the dominant colour throughout the interior space, creating a very beautiful and bright home.

The dining room table and chairs bring in that vintage touch, reminiscent of the charm of the past. The suspended light illuminates the corner of the room, while the inhabitants are enjoying a good meal. Dining room lighting is very important, creating ambiance and romance. You don't want people to feel like they are eating under a spot light!

Have you noticed that there is no wasted space? There are specific functions for each environment, with everything having its own space.


It's impossible not to notice all of the lavender details, which add a romantic twist to the warmth of this homely space.

The designers have added a gorgeous vase of lavenders and a purple candle to the coffee table as well as lavender cushions and lavender wallpaper to the room.

The kitchen is one of our favourite spaces, however. The glass doors to the kitchen cabinets are a true fifties style, giving the space a timeless beauty. It works so well with the dining room!

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Small but Functional

Privacy is a fundamental aspect of this apartment. 

Having only a little bit of space available is no excuse. By organising every centimetre carefully, you can create separate spaces, each with their own identity and function.

The bedroom in this home is an oasis of relaxation. The walls are smooth and pretty and the bed is located in the perfect position. It is surrounded by the walls on three sides, but is right next to the window where light streams in! This is the perfect place to relax, read a book and look at the view!

Inside the bedroom

If we move into the modern bedroom and examine it a bit more carefully, we can see that the texture of the walls is a major theme throughout the house

Above the headboard, we can see that the designers have gone for a patterned wallpaper that adds texture and character to the room. It makes you feel like you are wrapped up in a cocoon when you are in this room.

Yet again, lavender plays an important role!

The bathroom

The bathroom is very simple, with the theme of walls the dominant focal point. 

The tiles above the sink give the bathroom that vintage edge that we have seen in the rest of the house, working beautifully with the textured patterned wallpaper in the shower. Again, we see what an important role wallpaper plays.

The lavender touches warm up this space, making it very warm and inviting!

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