Beautiful Interior Decor of a Duplex Designed by a New Delhi Design Firm

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A duplex home is magical! It's a large canvas spread over two floors waiting to be painted into its owner's dream. When it comes to styling and designing a duplex house, there is immense scope to design, style and decorate, creating an impressive décor to impress. With immense opportunities also comes the responsibility of good planning with creative aspect to bring everything together, especially a house built over two floors connected by a staircase.

Duplex house is also synonymous with luxury. It comes with an expectation of a home interior radiating in beautiful décor,  drenched in sophisticated luxury and styled with elan. So when designing the New Delhi duplex house, the Delhi based professional interior designers and decorators of LAKKAD WORKS created a beautiful décor perfect in coordination between the two floors, creating a balance between elegance and comfort. The turnkey project done in an assigned budget of ₹1,500,000 is just stunning. The interior architecture of the duplex is beautifully designed with a variety of elements and delicate detailing. The use of different materials makes the duplex home's interior design and decoration quite exciting and stunning. Each room is vibrant and charming with a personality of its own.

Let's have a look at the beautiful duplex home décor, filled with enthusiastic excitement of the homeowner, shaped by the designers, transforming a house into a luxurious home.

Sophisticatedly Formal Living Room

The classy elegance of the formal living room of the duplex house gets elevated by its modern décor. Glass partition wall framed in wood creates an illusion of spaciousness and adds luxury to the space. The designer wallpaper in the colour scheme of ivory and blue complement the furniture of the living room. The regal royal blue sofa set and the centre table with marble top on a brass base and solid wood table build a magnificent décor.

Detailing Of The Delicate Décor

The entrance foyer of the duplex gets decorated with a console table made in blocks of colours. The simplicity in design and the delicate detailing of the console with a few pieces kept over it turns the modern minimalist décor of the home’s hallway into a beautiful place with its mere presence.

Intimate Informal Living Space

Ample open-plan space is cut to create an intimate, informal living space that has been designed for family and informal gatherings. The L-shaped sofa with a recliner on its one end and a white and wood centre table adjacent to the staircase make it convenient for the family to gather. The furnishing colour in olive green adds warmth and clever contrast to the dining table chairs, and the yellow light brightens up the room. The mirror on the wall and the glass on the guardrail of the staircase bring glamour into the décor.

Luxury Of The Elegant Dining Room

It’s the dining table that provides the luxury in the dining room décor. Upholstered four chairs with high back, a blue upholstered settee, and a complete marble cladding with polyester finishing dining table are the functional aspect of the dining room décor. The wood cladding and the adjacent glass wall partitioning the dining room from the formal living room provide the designer’s touch. The contemporary-style chandelier drops above the dining table, celebrating the elegant décor.

Connecting The Floors

In a duplex home, the centre of attraction is perhaps its staircase that brings the house together. The free-hanging staircase of wooden planks supported by a beam in the middle, the glass and steel guardrail with mirror wall on the backdrop makes the décor of the entire space look and feel relaxed and fluid.

Chic and Comfortable Master bedroom

The interior décor of the master bedroom is a fine amalgamation of elegance and comfort, oozing in style. The colossal upholstered bed and the golden hue of the wall behind the upholstered headboard are where the eyes rest. Layers of the false ceiling contrast with the smoothness of the floor connected by the floor to ceiling curtains dressing up the window. A floor to ceiling mirror and a comfy chair near the window complete the décor with finesse. The yellow light through the ceiling lamps and the dropping lamp adds cosy comfort into the bedroom.

Playful Room For The Kid

The kid’s room, designed in white and blue, builds up a calm and fabulous décor. The world map on the wall, a beautifully designed study table, the wall-to-wall wardrobe with drawers, cabinets, open shelves, and a seating den make the décor energetic and apt for a kid’s room.

Stylishly Welcoming Guest Bedroom

Dominated by the warmth of the modern grayiege shade, the guest bedroom feels welcoming. The wooden flooring and the light emancipating from behind the wood cladding shine the wallpaper and reflect through the glass sliding door of the bedroom wardrobe.

Pious Décor Of The Pooja Room

The carving of Ganesha and the religious symbol of the in Corian is a perfect medium for the innovative décor of the pious pooja room. The simplicity in the design with an elevated stand with steps to keep the statues and photos of the God and Goddess and pooja essentials helps keep the pooja room clean and organized with sufficient space to sit and meditate.

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