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7 enviable attics that you'll want to copy

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Attics might be one of the most fun rooms in the house to create. Cosy and tucked away, the attic is the room to experiment and have fun with. It's good to keep in mind that, when putting windows or built-in furniture in an attic, let them mimic the attic's ceiling and structure to make a more interesting and harmonic design. 

Whether you have a smaller attic space you want to make into a hide-out or media room, or a larger attic you have been thinking about converting into a bedroom or apartment, we've created a list of attics to envy—and emulate.

The guest bedroom attic

The deep darkened wood roof beams really set off the snow white walls and ceilings, creating a fresh, open space—usually difficult to achieve in an attic. The floor has been done with walnut, which optimises the light's reflection from the sharp, A-angled skylights because, among wood, walnut is one of the smoothest options available. 

Finally, the space itself is cordoned into two sections at the back by the centre beam, so each twin bed has privacy while the lounge area remains distinct.  

The apartment attic

In this example, the attic has been made into a full apartment. High ceilings of white wood jag out and slope down to walls that jut to create several private nooks throughout the apartment—really maximising the livability of a smaller attic. 

Combined with slanted sun-roofing, variously shaped windows and light wood floors, the space makes for an introspective, peaceful place away from your main living zone.

The rec room attic

A swanky media space or recreation room makes good use of extra attic space. This example uses the large wall for a movie projector screen, highlighted with subtle white lighting around the A-framed roof's inside joints. Why go out when you could just climb up?

The office attic

The attic here features a cherry polished built-in desk and shelving unit, tastefully embellished with frosted glass, and thoughtfully built to fit the contours of the attic space—a slighter built-in design which does not overtake the room, making this attic highly functional but also sizeable. 

The cosy attic

Kids Attic Bedroom TG Studio Modern Kid's Room
TG Studio

Kids Attic Bedroom

TG Studio

Pretty in light yellow, the bathroom door at the right fits nicely into the gradient house frame. Outside the attic room's front door, we see it's actually a loft that's been turned into a stand-alone room. 

The thick mouldings along the door frames and baseboards give the room that really rustic, comfy feel that has become synonymous with classical attics.

The loft attic

A typical example of a light-framed constructed house, where the attic enjoys a special view: Red-tinged timber beams buttress the structure and tone of the upper space, which mimics the aesthetic of an old barn. 

This attic has been made into a foyer-loft at the mouth of an attic bedroom—simply creative and expansive, with clear walls and bannisters, and two large picture skylights.

Attic potential

Endless possibilities—this attic space is full of promise. Its not difficult to imagine how cosy this could be, with three distinct sections, separated by classic post and beam construction, that can be turned into individualised nestling spots. 

Note here again, that the window's shape takes its directive from the ceiling's—a left gradient of light that nicely tapers the room. The rest is up to you: office or rec room? And what kind of staircase would you put here? Inspiration is endless with attics.

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