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5 practical items for the home

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If something attracts us at about a product, it's not only its beauty but also its functionality. Objects not only noted because of their refined aesthetics, material or mould breaking form, but for their practical management and how it makes our lives easier. Yes, homify are committed to intelligent design, which does not neglect style! 

So, today we bring you five objects designed by five experts from Spain. Objects that do not force their users to select a site or a function. And, the interesting thing about them is the range of possibilities that they offer. Take a look..


Have a coffee with Manuela  is a practical design solution to enjoy on our narrow balconies. Whoever has a small balcony will know: furnishing these small parcels of heaven is downright difficult. The company Nimio has found a solution to this problem! Made in two different sizes, we can choose two different finishes for the top: wood or hydraulic tile.  We think it really is a very practical addition to any balcony, not just a small one. Now enjoying a beer in the sun with friends and a toast to Manuela Malasaña!  

Adjustable lighting

Gonzalo Milà, in collaboration with Enrica Mosciario, has come up with this unique lamp model. Its name suggests the secret behind this practical design called Orienta lá: users can orientate the lamp at their will. Depending on our specific needs at that moment, we can have a lamp that shines light on the wall, a focus on the night stand to read a book, or a nice fixture resting on furniture!

Table with benefits

In the collection Design (geo) political by studio Crux Flux, we found an interesting adaptable object. Its multi-functionality, and its social character are perfect to get family and friends interacting. This innovative piece can act as a side table, seat, bench or multi seat, in all thinkable positions! Why has no one thought of this before?


S_Rack is a coat hook. Not a traditional coat hook, but a flexible rack that fits the needs of each of its users. What you actually see here is the product in its dissembled form. Upon assembly, you have a quirky little number that's sure to spark a good conversation as soon as a guest drops their hat down on it!


If this picture was different and visualised as an object perched on a table, many of us would maybe have a question or two as to its function. Let us simply it for you: it is a watering can that has changed its classical form in search of a more practical and aesthetically appealing design. It accommodates 2-litres in an easy to carrying form, and use two holes to put water both in and out.

It can be purchased in 13 different colours and, at homify, we suggest that you look for a colour that contrasts with the Manuela, your new balcony table!

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