6 decorating ideas for small homes

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When it comes to decorating, it's easy to get lost in the sheer variety of colours, fabrics, layouts and furniture on offer. And if you are decorating a small home, it's even harder to sift through the mass of choices and find a few solutions that suit your personal style.

Small homes have their own challenges and need a very specific approach if they are to work. Small living spaces can't handle a lot of differing styles and it's important to create a cohesive design. So today on homify, we are going to focus on how to decorate the key areas in a small home. It's a big topic, but we're up for the challenge! As usual, we will explore these ideas with lots of lovely interiors to get you inspired. So, without further ado, here are 6 ideas to decorate a small house. Enjoy!

1. The entrance

No matter how small the home, it should have an entrance. This will help distinguish public space from private spaces and provide a place to greet guests. A little corner can be turned into an instant hallway with the addition of a small stool and shoe rack. But if you don't have this option, just add a mirror and some hooks on the wall. For convenience, add a full-length mirror as well. This will open up the space and make the home feel larger.

2. Living room

Modern, minimalist and Scandinavian-style furniture is usually best for small living rooms. This kind of furniture is compact, lightweight and often conforms to the shape of a small room. An L-shaped or corner sofa will often make a little living room feel more expansive and comfy. Try to avoid furniture that sits flush with the ground and blocks light from flowing around the room. It's a small touch, but one that adds to the sense of spaciousness in the home.

3. Great organisation

There is a good chance that your small home has lots of combined living areas, so take the time to organise distinct zones. Furnish minimally, but with specific purposes. A large pendant light over the dining table is often a good choice because it will add focus to the dining area without taking up floor space. A simple, strategically-placed rug can form the boundaries of your living area. Finally, rather than scatter your decorations around the space, group them to create a distinctive look and feel for each zone.

4. The bathroom

Light colours and large mirrors are important essentials in a small bathroom. Keep passageways and corridors clear to retain a sense of spaciousness and get clever with your storage. Install wall storage in areas that don't intrude on your movement around the bathroom. Make them generously proportioned and don't cram them with products. Just add a few items and leave them largely empty to make the bathroom feel larger, brighter and more serene.

5. The bedroom

Raising the bed off the floor by a metre or so will add lots of storage space and add an instantly cosy feel to the sleeping area. If you have young children, get them bunk beds to save space. Small bedrooms often suffer from a lack of space around the side tables. If you have them, consider eliminating them altogether and install a deep shelf behind the bedhead with a couple of wall lamps. Being able to move freely around the bed will make all the difference.

6. Attic or loft

The awkward shape of attics and lofts are a blessing in disguise. These areas can be converted into awesome hobby rooms, storage rooms, playrooms or a spare bedroom. Often, all you need to do is install shelves in those cool little nooks and crannies. The low wall space might even make the perfect space for a bathtub!

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