7 Modern Roof Designs to Revitalize Your Forever Home

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7 Modern Roof Designs to Revitalize Your Forever Home, Press profile homify Press profile homify Roof
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When it comes to modern roof designs, there's no shortage of styles to meet your aesthetic wants and functional needs. Sure, roofing is not as exciting as landscaping or interior design. And yet, the roof is arguably the largest and most eye-catching aspect of a house. So there's no reason why it shouldn't receive considerable attention.

Whether you're enhancing the house through renovations, constructing your forever home or exploring how a green roof can improve your quality of life, these 7 modern roof designs are both structurally sound and visually appealing. Get in contact with a reliable roofer and discover the long lasting appeal of a new roof.

1. Skillion Roof

A skillion roof is one of the most popular modern roof designs that's favored for its simplicity, affordability and superior drainage. Made from corrugated metal sheets, a skillion roof features a flat surface pitched to one side at a minimum of 10 degrees, but it can be pitched steeper. 

This metal roof style remains cost-effective thanks to the affordable nature of modern materials and the fewer required roof trusses. In addition, the pitched angle supports water runoff and solar panels. Ultimately, the design is ideal for those chasing a minimalist aesthetic.   

Skillion roofs can be split into multiple tiers, with each pitched at different angles to create the desired modern look and function.

2. Butterfly Roof

A butterfly roof follows the structure of a skillion roof and uses the same metal roofing materials but pitches two adjacent tiers towards the center, effectively forming the sharp angles of a V shape.

Eco-conscious households favor the butterfly roof as the valley at the center effectively captures and channels rainwater to a central location. This is ideal for collecting rainwater in a tank or rain barrels for further use. The butterfly roof takes its name from the two-tier structure resembling butterfly wings.

3. Cross Hipped Roof

The hip roof is a classic roof shape where each side meets at ridge caps which intersect at a horizontal peak. The cross hipped roof puts a modern spin on this concept by expanding the roof perpendicular, so two or three hip roofs meet, forming an L or U shape. 

The cross hipped roof can be made using various materials, including asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, and corrugated metal. These roofs are ideal for withstanding strong winds and stormy weather. Plus, the eaves can provide additional shade around the exterior of a home. 

Each side of a cross hipped roof is typically pitched at identical angles, but there's room for variations. Fit dormer windows in the roof’s surface, and there's potential for the attic to become an additional living space with plenty of natural light.

4. Sawtooth Roof

The boldest of all modern roof designs, a sawtooth roof is an age-old industrial style becoming increasingly popular for contemporary structures.

A sawtooth roof sees consecutive cross-sections of roofing rise and fall to form points similar to the teeth of a handsaw, which is how this roof style gets its name. 

Each elevated section is fitted with windows to foster natural light. A home fitted with this new roof style is considered energy efficient as the additional light reduces electricity consumption through lighting and potentially heating appliances.

5. Gable Roofs

The modern gable roof is easily identifiable thanks to its steep, two slopes and triangular flat ends. This is another classic style reinvented and repurposed for houses through modern roof design. 

Historically, the gable roof was featured on barns and churches. Today, homeowners favor this style as it's affordable, provides additional ceiling or attic space, and the steep slope encourages runoff, making it suitable for areas with heavy snowfall.

There are also many variations to this style, including the crow stepped gable, Dutch gable, saltbox gable and Jerkinhead gable, to name a few of the unique options available.

6. Monitor Roof

A monitor roof features an architecturally designed section that's elevated above the remainder of the home. This raised section features clerestory windows and can be used for a master bedroom or living space with panoramic views. Alternatively, homeowners can choose to keep it simple and rely on the monitor roof to provide natural lighting throughout a single-story house.

The monitor roof takes its name from the elevated section providing an inspired view of the surroundings. However, the design itself transitions from that of a traditional sugar shack—a well-ventilated house or shack used to produce maple syrup.

7. Flat Roof

A modern flat roof is exactly what you think—a horizontal roof with little or no pitch. A flat roof is incredibly fast and easy to install compared to the other contemporary designs, and so, becomes a cheaper alternative. It's an excellent option for those building or renovating on a tight budget and craving a modern aesthetic.

A modern flat roof will commonly be made from corrugated metal or concrete. Substantial waterproofing and drainage are required for reducing the likelihood of leaks. Heated asphalt, fiberglass and polyester liquid roofing membranes are all suitable options for achieving the interior of your flat-roofed dream house free from water. So, there's no reason why you shouldn't consider these simple roof designs.

Flat roofing space can also be used for entertainment, energy-efficient solar panels or even transformed into a green roof. A green roof comprises an outer layer of vegetation. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the plants can reduce heating and cooling requirements, provide natural sound insulation and improve air quality.

There's no shortage of modern roof designs capable of elevating your home to the next level. Hopefully, we've provided some much-needed inspiration, and if not, you'll now be equipped with the knowledge to name styles as you pass them on the street.

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