Energy Efficient And Environmental Friendly House Renovation With Solar Shingles or Sunroof

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The environment consciousness, advocacy for clean, renewable energy and the awareness and advancement in solar technology to harness the power of solar energy have encouraged people to desire better options in terms of solar panels. The accidental discovery of solar panels in Bell lab over six decades ago ultimately helped humanity realise the cherished dream of harnessing the immense unlimited power of the sun for their benefit. It won't be a surprise to know that the energy emitted by the sun in an hour has the power to meet the global energy demand for an entire year.

The solar panel rooftop or solar roofs are one of the latest development in harnessing solar power for domestic and even commercial use. It converts ordinary into the extraordinary roof, the change that comes with benefits without compromising the aesthetics of the house exterior. Or rather, it elevates elegance and respect with the green tag attached to the solar roof.

It's great to talk about the environment, but it will be sensible to say it with your action; cause action speaks louder than words. The professional roofers of SUNROOF, solar energy contractors in Austin, have designed and made solar roofs, covering the entire roof, carports, and many other hybrid structures for patios, canopies, large areas or small portions. An ecological and self-sufficient solar roof is one change that you will always be proud of. It will not only change the aesthetics of the roof and make you energy independent (the basic carport for one car can easily produce up to 4500 kWh/year), but the small step will make a significant impact on environmental protection.

Let's hover over the solar roofs of the before and after projects and see the drastic difference it has made in the house aesthetics while reducing the residents' carbon footprint.

Evolving With The Technological Advancement

Change is the only constant! That holds even for the technology that keeps on changing and evolving with the ticking of the clock. Harnessing the abundance of solar energy through the solar roof shingles, an eco-friendly replacement to traditional asphalt shingles, the house's roof has got a beautiful and modern makeover. Though solar shingles are more expensive than standard asphalt shingles, they generate clean, renewable energy sources, producing enough to save substantially on electricity bills. Besides, the solar shingles match the asphalt shingles in durability, protection and can withstand any weather condition.

Attractive Renovation Through Solar Roof

For those who think that the solar roof is not attractive, see it to believe. Its sleek, seamless minimalist design can perfectly fit the surface and flawlessly blend with any roof type. It can replace the old roof or can even be integrated with the existing one. The solar roof tiles look great, whether you are looking up-close or from the street.  The solar roof tiles complement and elevate the roof's aesthetics and your house apart from its usual benefit of energy generation.

Transformation That Won’t Go Unnoticed

The installation of solar roofs is a renovation and revolutionary step that will not go unnoticed and will even be benefitted by the generations to come. The old house got a considerable facelift through the shiny solar roof installed all over the roof, replacing the old with a new advanced technology which is the future of the modern world. The low maintenance solar roof panels produce green energy that lowers the carbon footprint and comes with 25 years of warranty. With the entire roof covered like here, and sufficient sunlight available in Austin and Houston, you can even produce excess energy.

Cost-Effective and Clean For New Construction

Whether it’s new construction or a major renovation, moving with technological innovation and installing sunroof tiles in the roof makes sense. The innovative sunroof technology has drastically reduced the cost of solar shingles, making it relatively cost-effective. Besides, with sunroof shingles on top and green energy lighting up your house, you may be eligible for a tax break since the government promotes renewable energy. And it is over and above the saving on the electricity bills.

Upgrading The Solar Roofs Without Claiming Extra Space

Solar panels installation doesn't require any extra space. You can easily get the old solar shingles replaced with state-of-art new solar roof tiles. The latest solar shingles come with increased efficiency that can produce more energy for the same area. The colour of the façade in sync with the roof elevates the house's aesthetics and increases the homeowner's energy production and environmental responsibility. In fact, solar roofs can also increase the value of your property.

Eco-friendly and Connected To The Nature

All that an eco-friendly house nestled in nature surrounded by greenery needed was a green makeover. So if you have a holiday home or cabin somewhere amidst nature, renovate it with solar panels roof and reap the benefits of sunlight. They have fewer environmental risks in comparison to conventional sources. The quiet energy source combats climate change with lesser emissions of harmful gases.

Farming The Clean and Green Energy

Take a clue from this thoughtful renovation, and you can generate electricity even in the area without access to a power grid. While renovating an old farmhouse, the conventional PV panels got replaced with the latest solar shingles. They are not bolted onto the roof and can be efficiently installed, though you will need professional help.  It doesn’t experience any extra strain from natural wind flow. It has even more excellent resistance to cyclonic winds and hail storms than conventional solar panels or other roofing materials.

Gelling With All Style Of The House

The property value of the rustic industrial style home was increased substantially with the installation of the modern sunroof. The solar shingles will produce sufficient energy to light up and warm up the house if there is no obstruction in and around the house. The only renovation the house went to changed its roof, which made a massive difference in the house's aesthetics and energy consciousness.

Co-existing With The Existing Roof Effortlessly

When only the part of the roof that gets the maximum amount of sun exposure was covered with sunroof while retaining the existing one in the rest of the part, the two different types of roof effortlessly blended in style, keeping up with the aesthetics of the house. The modern aesthetic of the clean solar shingles contrasts to complement the traditional clay roof tiles.

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