How About Transforming Your Balcony to Fit Your Persona? | 5 Mindblowing Balcony Transformation Ideas

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People keep neglecting the hidden potential of balconies in anchoring the beauty and centrality of a home. No matter how crammed your apartment is, or how many buildings surround yours, a well-designed and planned balcony is always a game-changer, in my opinion. 

The secret to a highly adaptive yet beautiful balcony lies entirely in planning. If you are unable to envision the comfort you want, chances are you will get stuck to decorate and design the balcony of your dreams. But you don’t have to worry about the succinct plans anymore. Homify has arrived at the scene to take away your troubles and our multitude of talented professionals are always there to revolutionize what comprises your ideas of homemaking.

Today, I will demonstrate to you how seemingly bland balconies can easily be transformed into something holistic and worthwhile. The following are some of my favorite balcony transformation examples.

1. Before: A Bland, Narrow Space

As you can see, the colors, the spotted floor, and all the elements in the balcony haven’t been utilized to their maximum potential. Moreover, the floor needs layers of extra care as well! 

2. After: A charming and dazzling homecoming

How does this stuffed balcony feel like now? Isn’t it too mesmerizing to believe that this space could hold comfy sofas, plants, a carpet, and other assortments of furniture? It is totally unrecognizable and ranks as my most favorite transformation of rooms. 

3. Before: A miniature space

Most of our homes have an empty space of at least 10 square feet about which we have little idea as to what to do with the space. This is one such space. Check out the next photo!

4. After: Cozy and verily comfortable

As you can see this balcony totally got transformed here! Doesn’t this space even feel bigger than the previous photo? These are what are called quintessential examples of thorough interior design planning!

5. Before: How to work on narrow balconies?

Check out this extremely narrow space that overlooks the road. Sure, the space for movement here is limiting, but that doesn’t really mean you can’t help bring some fresh change in the setup!

6. After: Narrow, Sleek, and Trendy

A thorough wash of all the dirt and grime reveals a shining floor. Additionally, a few plants saddled on the railing really gives the space a breathing quotient, thereby allowing you to make a cute balcony out of a barren wasted space.

7. Before: A highly spacious balcony totally wasted

Check out this wonderful open space that receives the golden light every day! However, it looks extremely bland because no one has even given this a thought. So much could be done to this space.

8. After: A shining garden where you’ll always return

The large area of the space beautifully converts into a garden arranged into an evening-chat capsule. If you have enough financial backing, you could also convert the barren floors into sheets of grass. That would be totally redefining your balcony!

9. Before: An Unplanned No-Space Balcony

This strangely shaped balcony is idly sitting without much being done to it. Also, its odd shape acts as a detrimental factor to its renovation. But much like the rooms & balconies designed above, this will also shine in its own charm.

10. After: A Planned, Highly Sophisticated Renovation

As we promised, even this space has renovated itself quite well! You see the uneven shapes have been beautifully brought to order by some cushions, the L-shaped seat that you can easily DIY, while it’s the same old balcony. Imagine how much you can change in a specific area with these small details and without shelling a whole lot of money!

These are some of the best balcony transformation ideas I have come across! With further inspiration, you can always get more and more creative with the spaces. The idea is to start delving into the most mundane arrangements and spice them up with something oblique. Confused? Check out these awesome balcony decor ideas compatible with Indian homes. You will definitely shine! 

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