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The modern interiors call for a boom of too many elements spiced up together, while also connecting each of these branches of design by a single, connecting stem of aesthetics. This pattern of home building has gained a lot of traction in recent years, with architects and designers ushering a fresh mix of luxury with style. Not everything that is lavish looks classy, and not everything that is classy has to be lavish. It is the perfect soft spot of these two streams that pave the way for an ultimate mastery over the language of design.

While this trend has been captured by a lot of designers, very few could bring the aesthetics of perfection to this level as efficiently as Lakkad Works.

So, today we have arrived with this recent masterpiece situated in Noida, which could easily be called the perfect amalgam of elegance, lavishness, simplicity, and boldness.

We will be giving you a tour of all the rooms and leisure spaces for you to check out how everything combines into one mesmerizing work of art.

1. The Celestial Master Bedroom

The reason for calling the master bedroom celestial is not just for the use of celestial blue for the paint of the walls. Rather, it is the perfect positioning of contrasts that gives the main bedroom of the apartment its glorious look. Observe how the celestial blue talks to the charming white, while the red chair beside the bed of warm wood shapes up the room in a dominantly cooler shade. But the pendant lights again add a hint of modernity to the otherwise traditional design. 

2. The Modern Day Living Room

With everything convertible and modular becoming the primary trend of modernity, the living room of this apartment is glowing with natural light. As you can further observe, the whiter shade of the bedroom continues here as well, with a dominance of brown as opposed to blue and red. The continuity also lies in the spaciousness and how every other object is kept within the space, giving you not only considerable space to breathe and move about, but also to cram things up in need. The living room becomes the perfect combo of flexibility & convenience.

3. The Elegant Guest Bedroom

The pandemic hasn’t really taken away our will to host guests. But sooner or later, we will again go back to the trend of housewarming. For those times, the dominant ash or grey in the guestroom coupled with two large windows, further spiced up by black panel walls, continue the minimalist tone of this room perfectly.

4. When Elegance Meets Innocence

Sure, children’s rooms really demand the finest approach to positivity. More so in a somber world like ours. The dominant celestial blue of the master bedroom has been replaced by the pink palette while the dark-colored wood with a considerably lighter shade of brown with a brighter headboard. Also, observe the grey palette is consistent with the living room and the marble floor.

5. A Deeper Look Into This Room

Children’s rooms should also comprise an informal look and Lakkad Works have definitely aced this one. The wardrobes at the other side of the room add to this quotient of informality while the large window provides the room with enough natural light. 

6. The Traditional Room & Traditional Elegance

If all the other rooms were a perfect mix of tradition and modernity, this room is all about tradition. Notice the dominant light brown covering the room in its entirety complemented by the off-white chair and a slight tinge of blue in the headboard. This makes the room especially attuned to parents.

7. A Deeper Look Into Tradition

The continuity of color, appearance, and texture runs constantly through the furniture and the wall cabinet in the room. Also, notice how the mirror enhances the size of the room while also increasing the incidence of natural light. In the wall adjoining the TV, the whites are visible alongside the traditional brown. This further blends and brings together the dominant shades.

8. A Modular and Minimalist Kitchen

If you have noticed all the rooms carefully, you will observe a definite pattern coming out. Minimalism and a whole lot of negative space is a defining feature of this design. The kitchen too comprises a similar structure with all the walls comprising the cooking units. The kitchen is spacious and adopts a king-size luxurious attire owing to the continuation of the white paint and its shades.

9. Further Filling Up the Kitchen

We want to give you another glimpse of the opposite wall of the kitchen that holds all the important appliances. The most needed kitchen units such as chimneys, refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves can easily be kept on one side, stacked neatly so that the rest of the kitchen looks considerably soothing and less crowded. On the contrary, designing spaces in this fashion often takes away the eye to the negative spaces than the ones crammed with too many objects.

To further get inspired by some awesome kitchen models check out this ideabook.

10. Where the Entire Ensemble of Colours Unite!

We wanted to keep the best for the last! The living room comprises all the colors that you have seen till now on any of the walls. Sure, the pink palette is missing, but the rest of the shades of white and celestial blue fill the room with the definite balance that is always constant in every other aspect of the design. Moreover, the best part about this interior design is the theme is changeable. For instance, if you do not like celestial blue, you can always change the color of the sofa. Or replace the warm beige curtains with the red from the chair of the master bedroom.

11. The Final Look into The Elegance

The panel in this wall of the living room stretches to the ceiling, borrowing the traditional color from the parents’ room. The white drawer at the bottom of the TV complements the wall lights as well as the chandelier hanging centrally. The center table and its shade of brown also add dynamism to the entire space, paving way for enough movement in and around it. Overall, every other dominant element of each room is there in the living room, making it one organic and wholesome design.

This 4 BHK is designed with a hint of luxury and contemporary mix. The bedrooms are designed neatly with an ample amount of space for movement. The design language of each room differs significantly while the living room ties them all together.

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