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Sonseca, a little village in the province of Toledo is where the house that we are going to explore today is based. 

Designed by architect Daniel Rojas Berzosa, this home has a very traditional exterior with its gabled roof made of tiles and wood and its rustic facade. Yet the interiors of this detached home exude an air of art and creativity. 

Two patios separate different sections of the house on the plot, where light and air is absorbed into the home and its interiors. This moves away from the traditional layout of a home. This is far more flexible and open plan!

The partitions are obsolete and the environment has been organised into different functional elements.

The soft style is evident throughout the living area, which is also spacious and bright. Let's have a look through the following collection of photographs and try to figure out their secret!

From the outside

The plot where where this gorgeous home has been built was irregular with elongated proportions. 

In the past, this piece of property belonged to a larger area, which was eventually divided up into different plots.

On this particular piece of property, a detached house was built, which allowed the owners to adapt their lifestyle to modern times. 

This solution has meant a very clear and bold volume and structure, which overlooks the street. Don't you love the main facade with its different textures and soft, neutral colours?

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The playground

In this angle, we can see how the geometries of the building come together, introducing the two patios. This is where we can see that breath of light and air flowing into the interior. 

The style was inspired by Mexican architects Barragán, where colours and materials have been played with. Don't you love how quirky this exterior space is?

A wooden platform surrounds the perimetre of the house, providing access to the home for all of the inhabitants. The remaining surface is covered in gravel, while lush vines grow up the walls. This creates a very natural and earthy look and feel.

When we peer into this image, we can also see a narrow courtyard located on the opposite side of the main facade of the house.

Organising the living area

As we mentioned in the introduction, there is maximum flexibility in the living area where the designers have created different functional elements. 

We can see that they haven't chosen traditional partitions or divisions between the spaces, opting instead of an open plan system where each area can be established without the need for it to be independent.

In this photograph, we can tell that we are looking at the main living area of the house, which is public for guests, family and friends. It takes on real character and charm.

Don't you love the trendy and unique black structure in the middle of the room, which adds a little bit of privacy and subtly organises the different areas, such as the dining room and the living room.

In the detail

The interior landscape in the living area features wood throughout it very predominantly.

The remaining surfaces and furniture features were designed with maximum simplicity, where black and white are the co-stars of the scene.

When choosing furniture, the designers have gone for functional and simple pieces, advocating a minimalist environment reminiscent of Scandinavian interiors. 

In this main area, large glass doors open the space up onto the patio, allowing for a seamless transition between the interior and the exterior. When the doors are opened up wide, the living space is that much bigger.

The Master Bedroom

The only room that takes a detour from the interior design scheme that we've seen in the rest of the house is the master bedroom, located in a little nook underneath the sloping gable roof.

The design does use a lot of wood and light, like we've seen in the rest of the house, however. The furniture is darker, while the walls are a crisp white.

A window that gives a view onto the street as well as a skylight in the ceiling allow for an abundance of light as well as natural ventilation.

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The large yard

In the living room, we can see that a large set of doors allows the entire space to open up onto the main courtyard, which is located at the end of the plot.

A white and retractable awning protects the wooden terrace from any damage that may be caused from the rays of the sun, making the exterior space a comfortable and relaxing spot no matter what the weather.

When the doors are opened up, the border between the living area and the exterior area completely opens up, allowing for a larger space for socialising and interacting. There is a glass sliding door as well as a set of slats that can be pulled closed to provide shade and protection for the interior if need be. This is perfect for the summer months! Who needs a cooling system when you have this?

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