13 Grand Interiors that will Definitely Mesmerize You

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Much like our bodies, we prefer our homes to be as fit from the inside as from the outside. If you notice any interior design that you end up loving, you will notice that harmony runs consistently through the interior and the exterior of the construction. 

In India, there are loads of professional designers who will visualize your demands and translate them into a highly functional reality. But, then again, there are times where we seek experts because we are not aware of what we really want. This calls for the demand of professionals who come with an added layer of reading minds and understanding the refined needs of every other client.

Avyaya Design Studio narrates such experiences with perfect ease, taking you to the zenith of your imagination, making you reach out your maximum potential in realizing your dream home.

Today, we will look at some elegant interior designs from this designer and take you on a tour that you can get inspired by. Designs are nothing but a perfect amalgam of lines and shapes that blend with your very unique personality.

Avyaya Studio excels in the same. We have considered some of the best interiors (a proportionate mix and match of traditional interiors with modern) and showcased the same for your convenience. Check out this proud list of interior designs and get a hold of an authentic blueprint of your precious home.

1. A Reminder of the 1990s

It is true that joint families used to exist in India long back. But we never pause to reminisce over the lost times whenever we find the time. This traditional interior alternates contrasting colors on the sofa while keeping the overall tone of the drawing-room light-colored. The elegance is born from the effortless contrast.

2. A Modern Family

If the space in your home is considerably large, you can alternate the rooms with a splash of modernity in the laps of traditional interiors. For instance, look at this trendy sofa further accentuated by the modern circular table. Here again, the primary color and tone of the room are maintained with dominating white, bringing in harmony with the rest of the home.

3. A Modern Space to Get Comfortable

A home is almost never a place to only stay. It is a place to rejuvenate and refresh yourself. A careless morning chat right after you wake up is something very relevant and necessary, and every modern home should have a separate space for that. This design of an informal dining table reaps all the tasty fruits of conversation because it is very inviting and warm in its appearance.

4. Holding on to the Traditional Interior

Modern or traditional, there is always a large space reserved for Gods in Indian households. This design also takes us along a similar ride. Notice the comfortable and bright space allocated for religious purposes. This is actually a clever design module because it accommodates both kinds of people in it. And as you can see here as well, the primary shade of white runs constantly here.

5. A Quaint Bedroom of Quietude

Here is again a slice of modernity amidst the carefully designed traditional interiors. Kids’ rooms are significantly lighter in mood and Avyaya Design Studio is clever enough to accommodate this thought in their designs. This bedroom does not call for any extravagance. It is beautiful for its simplicity, and Homify also has innumerable room designs up its sleeve.

6. An Informal Extension to the Kitchen

A kitchen is a place that is always occupied. Or it would be better to say, the most crowded area of happy families is the kitchen. As we saw with the dining table, the addition of 2 chairs right outside the kitchen only invites more people to the space. Informal sitting chairs also pave the way for more participation inside the kitchen, while its utilitarian advantage of more volume of cooking is also an important point to consider.

7. A Modern Kitchen

Modular kitchens are the running trend now. Yes, we have a long way from the traditional Indian kitchens to embracing the future. This trend takes the pleasure of cooking to a whole new level as convenience is top class. No more pulling of utensils from the deepest depths of the earth because with this modern kitchen, everything is ready at your service. And if you look at the blend of the various colors, you will again notice the continuation of the harmony.

8. Another Bedroom Worth Drooling Over!

This bedroom would have been another ordinary bedroom with bright colors and matching furniture, but the whole look changes with the application of a trendy mirror on the wall. It is surprising to find how minute changes culminate in an entirely different look and feel. The white dominates but never for once try to suppress the emotions of the rest of the colors.

9. The Pinky Alternative

Sure, you may get bored of the whites. Light colors can only do so much to attract us and retain their harmony. Moreover, there are some people whose choices speak differently. This is why this design may inspire you. Notice how the light shade of pink matches up with the furniture and exudes a feeling of serene innocence. This room does not bear a serious appearance, nor does it call out to be a kids’ room, thereby maintaining a perfect balance.

10. The Final Boldness in a Sofa!

This is another design that blew the mind of our curator. This is different in terms of what we have seen till now. The sofa dominates this room with its high contrasting color. Also, its magnificent size gives us mixed feelings about this room. It stands on the perfect balance of charm, tradition, and modernity. 

Avyaya Design Studio is versatile when it comes to blending different architectural and interior designs. But if you are already hooked and looking for freshly baked ideas out of the oven, check out Shauvik Nandi’s ingenious home makeover tips in this ideabook. Good luck!

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