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A house need not have a grand entrance or an elaborate walkway to create an impression on guests as tastefully decorated interiors with minimalist furniture and monochrome decor can earn admiration. This elegant homestead has been designed to maintain privacy between living areas and the guest section while seamlessly blending the home together.  Let us explore the interiors to see for ourselves why the owners love this home and have used minimal furnishings to showcase the artistic brilliance of its design.

Monochrome living area

Comfortable wide leather sofa and striking floor mat are the first details that catch the viewer’s eye on stepping into this room. For a moment it appears as if a large pot of ink has been spilled on to the white carpet and a people walking over it have left footprints on the other parts. The room itself is a blend of elegance and simplicity decorated in modern style with high ceilings and large windows that bring in natural light and air.

Family room and entertainment zone

Warm and cozy elements have been spread across this room  while keeping the furniture at a bare minimum. Samantha Decoration have shown their understanding for creating a common entertainment as comfortable and easy going as possible by keeping the wide television at a low level above the floor so it can be enjoyed by the entire family sprawled on the floor. A lightweight folding chair with a cute velvet footstool has also been provided to enjoy a book close to the fire.

Bathroom built for utility

 If you feel that a luxurious looking bathroom needs plenty of space then this smartly designed space will make you wonder at the way space has been provided for each requirement. Square crevices provide storage space in the bathroom where the shower area is neatly separated with a glass divider to keep rest of the bathroom clean.

Springhtly guest room

The monochrome color scheme of the house has been continued in this room with white walls and floor that create illusion of space and make the room appear open and spacious. Large picture windows are the most riveting factor of this room that brightens it with natural light throughout the day. Black steel furniture complements white walls and furnishings to bring further homeliness into the guest bedroom.

Kitchen and dining area

The homeowner wanted an open kitchen where cooking and serving are an easy affair with complementary serving areas so the family and guests if any can enjoy meals in harmony. To meet this demand the designers have created a breakfast nook opposite the counter with twin bar stools along with a formal wooden dining table opposite the counter.  Now family members in a hurry can eat straight off the cooking range while enjoying an easy conversation with the cook or take their evening meals around the table. The twin skylights on the kitchen roof keep the counter and other areas bright throughout the day.

Master bedroom

Greys and whites make the master bedroom a region of soothing calm and peace which is complemented by simple white walk in wardrobes. The walk-in wardrobe has been smartly created with built in shelves and sufficient space to hang clothes, shoes and other accessories.

If smartly designed modern homes are more to your taste then a warm and inviting small family home is sure to interest you

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