11 minimalist bedrooms that will be all-white, all night!

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Minimalism is all the rage, even though it rose to prominence in the 1960s and 70s.  It's a tried and true method of keeping life simple and essential—and keeping your mind and heart clear.  

As the bedroom is where you start and end your day, the inspiration it brings to your life is heavy and there's no better way to start your day than in a clutter-free, organized room. Leave all the other options behind and embrace the magic of minimalist bedrooms!

Stark white

One of the easiest to accomplish on this list, stark white is as it says. This bedroom has left the only colours to the bed frame, floor-based bed-side table and the in-room fireplace.  Simplicity and elegance all in one.

Stark whites also sits well with animal skin throws and rugs—as seen in this example!

Slightly colourful

Minimalist doesn't have to mean colourless. There are only a few colours in this bedroom, all pulling from a rather natural colour palette. 

The plant gives off enough colour to become the statement piece of the room and the minimalism of everything else allows it to glow. Stick with minimalist light fixtures and decor, or simply none at all.

Exposed brick

Exposed brick walls are one of the best design features to work with—simply leave it alone. Add white drapes, cosy pale bedding, a magnificent light fixture and you're good to go!

Quirky fixtures

Light fixtures are always used in minimalist spaces as a focal point, and it makes sense as the rest of the room is typically bare. 

This bedroom has stayed within a neutral blue colour scheme, and the large-format artworks and modern light fixture provide the right amount of dynamism to this otherwise chill room.

In odd places

We all know that bedrooms can be found in all shapes, sizes and spaces. Here is a perfect example of properly using space for the things you need the most. 

A simple bed with an artful headboard and a seating area for one is just perfect for those meditative nights in.

Black & white

You can truly never go wrong wth the most classic colour scheme of all time: black and white. The exposed brick wall has been sacrificed to the need for white. 

The black and white fixtures, bedding and art bring enough personality to the mix, too.

Materials upfront

Light-grain wood is popular among designers that prefer either Scandinavian or minimalist style.  Light-grain wood is refreshing and matches just about anything you throw its way.  

Leave the decorations at bay, opt for a cosy bed, a large-format art work and even a projector for late-night movie sessions!

Here's a perfect minimalist bedroom using a darker-grain wood.

Slightly Scandinavian

This colour scheme screams Scandinavian design, and the chevron detail as a feature wall brings all the decor and colour your need in this space. 

Simple bedding, a small seating area and plenty of natural light are the perfect finishing touches.

Bold, yet plush

Minimalism doesn't have to mean all-white and fresh colour schemes. Don't forget about the bold colours, especially greys. 

If you choose the right mixture of bedding and window drapes, and a headboard as plush as this one, then you don't need much decor at all—stay true to the minimalist aesthetic!

Minimally colourful

White walls, white ceilings beams and even a white floor provide you with the perfect canvas for fresh, bright colours. The colourful bedding and matching accent chair are perfect for this relaxing and inviting bedroom

Everything in one place

Again, another space that might seem cramped or oddly shaped. Pay no mind to that, if you use storage and organisation and go plain with decor, then any space can work for a bedroom!

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