A Lavish Farmhouse-Style Home with Trendy Appeal

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The laidback city of Bialystok in Poland is a throbbing cultural centre which has a historical appeal that lives in tandem with a strong urban character. This attracts tourists from all around the world, every year. We travelled far and wide across this city and lost ourselves to glorious evenings spent in art galleries and concerts. Yet, we found a reason to chase design and décor delights here too, thanks to the wonderful art and architecture that dots the city’s landscape. We invite you to come and take a tour of Brzoza, a home that has been designed by the eminent team of architects at Biuro Projektowe MTM Styl in Bialystok.

This home with its farmhouse-like appearance is a contemporary masterpiece filled with unique design elements. The contrasting textures of wood, glass, marble, stone along with a generous dose of nature, make this abode a joy to reside in.

Barnyard Style for the Façade

Farmhouse chic is the phrase we instantly coined when we chanced upon this home. Set in a quiet, tree lined neighbourhood, this home brings in a farmhouse style look with its slanting A-line face as well as the terracotta-hued rooftops and shingles. Meanwhile, the cream coloured structure makes a vibrant statement against the glorious blue sky and lush green nature. The chic and modern factor is brought about with the help of meandering curves of the stones and tiles set along the driveway.

The Stunning Entryway

The entryway stunned us from the word go. A strong monochrome feel permeates the space even as mirrors and lighting invite you to partake in the ongoing sophisticated designer magic. The glossy floor is a marble one that takes you into the living room. A tall potted plant adds a hint of nature and makes you feel at home.

The Trendy Living Room

The living room is a trendy space that has been dressed up with minimal accents. As a result, the design elements remain in strong focus. The large open entry and the ceiling to floor trio of doors with a row of lights above them, make for high class design values. Meanwhile, a light hued coffee table accompanies the sink in style plush couches, with the single seater placed diagonally to draw the eye to the television and the corner that holds artworks. Also, from this vantage point, we spot pyramid shaped lamps suspended over the white dining table and its low backed chairs that create a chic look.

Simple Luxuries in the Bathroom

We love how non conformist this space is. Rather than sticking to the regular layout where everything is set against one wall, this bathroom lets its fixtures and fittings do the talking even as the dimensions create a fine balance of sorts. The wall mounted bureau holds a white sink on top, while a circular bathtub sits in the centre with an inviting look.

Up Worthy: The Staircase

The stunning staircase of the home is a design masterpiece that lies to one side of the hall, within a dedicated corridor. It enjoys a view of the lush green outdoors through glass doors on one side, while artworks dot the wall on the other side. White layered spaces and ceiling alcoves characterise this space. The glass and wooden staircase literally comes alive due to the details that have been focused on, in this space.

Heights of Farmhouse Style

The home is filled with corners like this one thanks to the heavy dose of contouring and layering in its design and structure. This staircase winds to a linear stop at a landing that is visible from the ground floor, even as peach hued lighting makes it all come alive when combined with the natural light pouring in from the classic windows sitting on top. The staircase itself is a delicate yet sturdy affair in sheer glass and wood, and augments the spacious aura of the house.

The awe inspiring farmhouse-style structure of this abode paired with its trendy good looks has made this residence a designer’s delight. Classic and contemporary touches meet cohesively and coexist in peace here. For more inspiring ideas, take another tour - A stylish home in Mumbai full of surprise!

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