10 All White Kitchens!

Leigh Leigh
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It goes without saying that your kitchen should always be a clean and neat space where you feel inspired to cook and bake. It should be a space where your culinary creativity can run wild and where your imagination can let loose.

Remember that your kitchen should also be a space where the family can come together and chat over a more casual meal or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee together. 

Which is why, today at homify, we present you with 10 all white kitchens that will inspire, delight and very possibly dare you to go all white!

1. It glistens

When it comes to an all-white kitchen, you just don't get anything more sparkling and clean. Modern white cupboards, counter tops and chairs complement the steel appliances, creating a cool, clinical and hygienic looking space that deserves smart technology and a world-class chef!

Thinking about going all white? Have a look at this ideabook on: The white kitchen: yay or nay?

2. Colour in the form of food

With an all white kitchen, you can really get creative with fruit baskets, vegetable racks and vases of flowers, adding colour to the space in the most fresh and natural way possible.

With a white background, you can really enhance elements in your kitchen that are important to you!

3. Lighting

The all-white kitchen can be enhanced by kitchen lighting, as you can see in this design. The small, little lights that have been placed under the counter tops and cupboards add a little character and warmth to the space so that it doesn't look too clinical.

This is also functional too, allowing those using the kitchen to see into every nook and cranny in the kitchen.

Have a look through the homify kitchen lighting products for inspiration for your own kitchen!

4. Matching cutlery

If the all-white kitchen suits your style, then go for all-white cutlery and crockery too! 

White kitchen accessories can truly enhance the design, keeping it complementary throughout. 

Have a look at these: Kitchen accessory must haves!

5. Add some light

Don't you love this white kitchen by CATO Creative?

They have achieved the flawless white kitchen by installing sky lights throughout the ceiling, which warms the space up beautifully by allowing an abundance of natural light to filter into the space. White and natural sunshine is always a great combination!

6. Add a touch of colour

You can enhance your white kitchen by adding a little touch of colour here and there, like in this design. The kitchen features white floor tiles, white cabinets and white counter tops, but the designers have enhanced the space with deep, red bar stools and deep red wall tiles. 

This makes the all white kitchen a little bit more colourful and warm!

7. The Greenery

Earlier we explained that with a white kitchen, you can enhance whatever you like. In this design, by Romero Duarte Architects, we can see how pot plants enhance the entire kitchen!

The great thing about this is that it can be functional too. Plant thyme, mint, fennel or lavendar—anything that will not only look beautiful but can be used while you are cooking.

8. Get writing

Wall art is becoming increasingly popular, adding character, personality and inspiration to just about any room in the house. Using it in the kitchen is the ultimate in sophistication, class and creativity.

Choose a happy quote or a fun design and you can add that little bit of you to your white kitchen.

Not a fan of wall art? Have a look through the homify artwork to see which pieces you think would look nice in your kitchen.

9. Add a funky light

We've already spoken about how kitchen lights can enhance the decor and design, but we haven't mentioned just how much fun you can have with this concept.

Install a retro modern lamp or two in the kitchen and update the design completely! You can also update the appliances, such as the kettle, toaster and refrigerator, to modernise the space.

10. White and Glass

Pair your all white kitchen with glass materials and you'll have the best design on the block, like in this example by Leicht Kuchen Ag.

Glass enhances the white design of a kitchen, making it look that much more edgy and sophisticated.

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