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What does Instagram’s verification badge actually mean?

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Instagram’s blue tick has become one of those most coveted symbols in the social world. The badge, placed next to the user’s name, establishes that the account is an ‘authentic presence of a notable public figure, celebrity, or global brand’. Designed to sort the real from the fakes, it was first used by celebrities so fans could be sure they had found the correct profile they were searching for.

For influencers and businesses, verification proves to followers you are accredited, helping to build your personal brand, while displaying credibility and authenticity.

How can I apply?


Before 2018, you had no way of requesting the little blue tick, you simply had to hope that your account would be chosen… or be as famous as Kylie Jenner, but now users have the ability to apply. Here’s how:

Step 1: Head to your settings and click on “Account”

Step 2: Then click on “Request Verification” check this site out

Step 3: You will then be directed to the application request page where you need to fill out the following:

– Username

– Full name

– Known as (either just put your actual name or the name people know you by)

– Account category

– Upload a picture of your government-issued photo ID (i.e. passport, license or photo/identity card)

Step 4: The final step is to press send and hope for the best!


Your application will then be reviewed by Instagram, who will later notify you if your request has been successful or not. Don’t expect a response right away and remember Instagram will never ask you to pay for this or send you an email about it. If you do receive something of the sort, it’s likely a scam.

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How do I ensure my application is successful?


Not everyone who requests verification will get it. However following these tips will give you the best chance in achieving that all important blue tick:

1. Don’t be a rule breaker

You must live and breath the app’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. If Instagram is going to hand you a verification badge, they are going to want you to follow their rules.

2. Be authentic 

Instagram also obviously wants you to be who you really say you are; that includes being a real person (no bots allowed), a registered business or notable brand.

3. Be public

If you’re yearning for that verification badge surely your account is already visible to everyone, right? Great! Otherwise Instagram will reject your request, so ensure your account is on public.

4. Be complete

Make sure you completely finish setting up your Instagram profile, this includes having a catchy bio that helps users understand what you’re all about, a profile photo that showcases who you are and of course at least one post (which we’re sure is easy to fulfil).

5. Be a notable presence

Instagram is only going to verify you if you ‘represent a well-known, highly searched for person, brand or entity’ so being a notable presence in and outside the app is important. It also helps if you’ve gained some external press apart from your own website, this will allow instagram to recognise your credibility. If you’re just starting out in your career, it might be best to wait a while until you have these things before you apply.

6. No cross-promoting

Don’t put any other links in your bio, directing people to your other social media accounts for people to follow or add you. Only link things such as your website, store, blog etc for people to discover.

I was rejected! What now?


If your request gets denied, don’t give up! You can reapply after 30 days. There is plenty of time during that period to improve your profile, grow your audience and enhance your profile.

If you are successful and you get your Instagram blue tick, make sure you don’t lose it, you worked hard to earn it. Continue to follow Instagrams Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, don’t disable your account, go private or start using your profile photo or name to promote any other services. Remember Instagram verified you based on the information in your initial application.