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Benches never come in the first line of thought when we are thinking of interior or exterior furniture while doing up a space. But come to think of it, benches are everywhere—in the bedroom, in the living room, gardens, terrace, study, offices, kitchens, dining spaces, playrooms, bathrooms, entrances, hallways, corridors. I’m sure you can visualize a perfect piece of bench that you have seen and found in each of these spaces. This is because benches are extremely versatile pieces of furniture. They can be customized into any look to match your interior style, serve any function that you want them to serve—storage, seating, table, aesthetics, space filler, footrest, organization, and more, can be made in any material, shape, size, and texture to match your requirements and design needs. In short, benches are so versatile and functional that they are the coolest. Here’s a curated list of 11 coolest benches used in different spaces to spark your imagination and inspire you to have one at your own home! 

1. Floating Garden Bench

These outdoor floating benches are not only elegant but also lightweight and secured to the wall. They are designed to line the curve of the concrete lining the garden boundary. Great use of space, functional and fun design keeping safety in mind.

2. Reclined Bench in the Steam Room

To make things fancy and luxe, how cool are these wooden reclined benches in this warm steam room and spa. Talk of minimalism, great tasteful designing. 

3. Dining room benches

The benches in this garden room/conservatory have been made using the same recycled oak that is used for the table. It is recycled, rustic, and warm creating an earthy vibe for the space, and makes it look clutter-free. 

4. Minimalism at is best

The great advantage of having benches as the seating element is that you have your space open up and look even bigger. A classic example is these never-ending benches in this minimal, open, and spacey living room. There's so much space created for seating and storage while making the room look beautifully minimal. 

5. Supreme Sophistication

A bench serving supreme sophistication and complimenting the rich interiors—filling the space, being functional, and providing a clear view of the room, which would not have been possible if a sofa or chair had been placed in its position. A tastefully done upholstered bench can meet all these needs in your living room.

6. Seating and Storage Together

the great thing about benches is that you can make every corner functional and comfortable with them. Look at this two-in-one seating and storage bench in the dining area. Placing them against the wall makes them extra comfortable for sitting, and the storage space at the bottom makes it a total winner.

7. Bench as a Sculpture

As mentioned, a bench can be as versatile as you can imagine it to be. This one is wood serves as a table and a seating and looks like a sclupture!

8. The Good Old Outdoor Rustic Bench with a Twist

This outdoor bench is traditional, modern, and rustic all at the same time, and comes with an added punch of a high side table. The combination of wood and metal is a classic.

9. Semi-circular fixed bench in blocks and sandstone

Outdoor benches allow one to play and experiment with materials and forms. This paved circle outside the back door features a semi-circular fixed bench, constructed from rendered blocks and capped with an Indian sandstone seat. The bench is backed by a tall rendered block raised bed, which acts as a backrest to the bench seat. Circular rendered planters planted with a large box ball frame the bench at either end, to give this seating area a sense of seclusion.

10. Fit them in any space

That's the great thing about benches. You can fit them into any space to create a comfortable secluded seating or a minimal outdoor hardy bench, like in this tapered space, with angular planes and long views.

12. Contemporary garden bench

This aperture bench is placed in a contemporary garden. An example of the design potential of this piece of furniture to fit any place, theme, mood, and function.

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Which of these benches would you like to have at your home? Let us knw in the comments!

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