Design and Accessories for a Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen with 5MINUTI wood-fired oven, Alfa Forni Alfa Forni Built-in kitchens
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The colors of spring pleasantly remind us that summer is knocking on the doors. Once again, it will be that time of the year when the outdoors is bubbling with life and fun activities and, of course, family and friends gathering for more fun over food. Those lucky ones with an apartment with a terrace or a balcony big enough can plan to squeeze in the kitchenette. Suppose you are the luckier ones with independent houses with a backyard or open front yard with enough space for an outdoor kitchen; why not build an outdoor kitchen, especially to enjoy the outdoors.

Nothing can beat the charm of a comfortable, relaxing outdoor space with sofas and lounge chairs elevating the comfort and the aroma of food and flame adding to its warmth. Alfa Forni has experience in elevating the design of outdoor kitchens with their ovens right from the design to installation. An international name in creating outdoor kitchens, they specialize in domestic and professional ovens. The use of the latest technologies and excellent quality materials guarantee a perfect outdoor experience as far as cooking is concerned. Their patented artistic designs and professionalism are worth experiencing. Let’s have a glimpse of the beautiful outdoor kitchens designs that are perfect to create beautiful summer memories.

Functional Kitchen in the Garden

What more could be more relaxing than cooking surrounded by the greenery of your garden. For a comfortable cooking experience outdoors, have a clear distinction between the cooking area and relaxation space to avoid any accidents. Here anti-skid concrete flooring provides solid support beneath the feet. This modern kitchen has an L-shaped kitchen counter in concrete in its natural shade of grey that goes well with green surroundings. It has the company’s patented 5MINUTI wood-burning oven on one side, a barbeque, a grilling plate and a sink on the other side. The open shelves are designed to stow woods for burning and as storage.

View of the outdoor kitchen from a different angle

Outdoor Kitchen for a small space

Equipped with a wood-burning oven, this small masonry kitchen structure is perfect for small space, whether in the balcony, terrace or even a tiny garden. With one side reserved for the oven and stowing wood for the oven, the other half of the kitchen counter is free for preparation and storage and also make space for more than one person to work side-by-side.

Clean and compact small outdoor kitchen from a different angle

Outdoor kitchen on the terrace

Available in the gas and wood version, this ALFA ONE oven is perfect for an open terrace or balcony for its compact design and low weight, making it comfortable to handle. It makes it possible to build up your kitchenette wherever you want. Redesign your terrace for summers around your outdoor kitchenette with an outdoor dining table for a fine dining experience or comfortable couches thrown here and there for an informal setting. Bring in the trolley that can become a practical outdoor solution for preparation and serving.

A piece-of-art in the outdoor kitchen

This cute little oven will decorate your outdoor space with its presence. The size doesn't matter when it comes to functionality and unique design, and the ALLEGRO outdoor wood-burning oven has conveyed it perfectly. You can place this movable wood-burning oven on the wooden slat platform by the pool like here or carry it to your small balcony for the outdoor party; you will vouch for its practical design and comfort. The combination of grey and yellow looks attractive and enhances the elegance of the space with its design and pop of color.

Kitchen on the Veranda

An outdoor kitchen in the veranda or under the porch will definitely be a perfect getaway from an enclosed kitchen, even during the winters. Explore the veranda walls and make most of the available space by designing the kitchen along the walls leaving the rest of the area to create a casual seating space. Take a clue from here and cleverly create a kitchen by combining the professional elegance of stainless steel and the warmth of wood, thus bringing in an elegant personality into your outdoor kitchen.

Practical and Comfortable design for outdoor kitchen

The practical and comfortable design is what makes this outdoor kitchen beautiful. This L-shaped kitchen counter has a gas plate and a 4PIZZE wood-burning oven on one side along the wall. Under-the-bench open shelves are perfect for storage and stowing away woods. The large countertop is equipped with a practical spice rack, sink and enough free space for preparation, cooking and serving. The kitchen also has an island like a real kitchen, making it a beautifully designed kitchen open for even large gatherings.

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Which of these outdoor kitchen designs would you choose for your home?

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