20 Stylish Balcony Ideas You Can Recreate

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If you live in the city, a balcony space is the most sought after, and for many who don't have it, it is still just a dream. Whether you have a large balcony or a small one, having one alone should be reason enough to make it a perfect hangout spot for yourself, and your family and friends. A balcony has huge design potential, which you can explore in numerous ways. If you’ve always wanted a chic and stylish balcony but didn’t take any steps towards making it a reality, we are here to help you out. Here are 20 stylish balconies by talented designers for you to get inspired from, borrow ideas and add your creativity to create a stylish balcony of your dreams.

1. Lounge in style

These semi-circular lounge chairs overlooking the greens are perfect for winding down after a tiring day. The warm lights and the cushions and pillows add the required comfort in the arrangement.

2. Open, minimal and inviting

Go stylishly minimal like this open balcony which is an extension of kitchen and dining area. Love the open and easy vibe to the whole space. The foliage adds the right amount of softness to the mix.

3. A sunny balcony

Here are outdoor balcony seating goals with the statement but comfortable chairs, a low centre table, and greens. The uncluttered and neat look makes this balcony effortlessly stylish.

4. Chill Vibes

When we saw the balcony of our dreams, we mean something close to this. A private balcony overlooking the sea where you can wind down with a drink or a book. What makes this stylish? Clever use of foliage n the railings and sides to create privacy, comfortable jute chairs for an extra chill vibe.

5. An intimate setting

Lessons n how to make the most use of space for small balcony owners. Simple, stylish and intimate seating, clever use of contrasting colours, and a bit of greenery for the win.

6. Style and comfort

A large balcony allows you to have this sort of style, luxury, and comfort out in the open. The best thing about this balcony is that it is out in the open, surrounded by greens, but with optimum privacy and comfort.

7. Chic and green

Eclectic high chairs, a table along the railing, and wooden tiles make this balcony overlooking a garden wonderfully charming and effortlessly stylish. One can imagine spending lots of time working or eating or just chilling in this arrangement.

8. Boho vibes

This tastefully curated balcony has so much to offer visually—the blue and white tiles, colour-blocking on the blinds, stylish pots and containers, beautiful and exotic house plants, fairy lights, the table and chair, and even a mini-car! Which is your favourtite element from here?

9. Stylishly Mediterranean

Clever use of wall space, the tabletop and chairs, and that stylish rug serve a good amount of Mediterranean feel in this cool and colourful balcony. Looks like an ideal place for many colourful conversations.

10. Monochrome in style

The use of grey as the primary colour here has been done so cleverly. The stool and table look so chic on the Bergo Briq style tiles laid in this outdoor balcony. The choice of planters and flowers adds softness to the space.

For some small balcony inspiration, look here. For designers who create lovely balconies, check this out.

11. Rustic style

Rustic, modern, and simple are the defining elements of this balcony. We love the antique centre table and the greens at the back that sort of anchor the balcony.

12. A green oasis

An inward-looking mini garden in a balcony enveloped on all sides and roof, open only on the side where there's a view of greens. There are multiple green elements in this green oasis including a mini vertical garden.

13. Stand out with a colour

A simple apartment balcony is transformed into a green haven, stylish and cozy seating with an eye-catching orange mattress. This minimal style can be easily recreated.

14. Gorgeous location

Well, how wrong can you get with a balcony overlooking the gorgeous blue sea. Stylish seating and glass railings certainly up the likeness quotient of the balcony space.

15. Serene and comforting

Love the muted palette used in this balcony right from the round white planters, the comfortable cane sofas with white cusions. The warm light adds a moody touch to the space.

16. Less is more

Love the style created here. One comfortable and stylish seating, houseplant with gorgeous leaves at the back, a wall with some statement art, and glass railings complete the look.

17. Custom seating

You can increase the style quotient of a normal balcony by adding some custom seating like this wooden bar table against the wall and high chair, making this balcony the perfect place to work or have relaxing conversations.

18. Use every inch of space

This tiny balcony has used every inch of space available that too in a fun and stylish way. The wood pallets on the floor and wall, the cycle parked on the wall, and super stylish black bucket chairs make this tiny balcony such a lively space.

19. Minimal comforts

A cosy and calm corner balcony with an exposed brick wall in muted colour, a super comfortable swing and lighted candles for decor. Minimal and calming, and we love how the outside is part of the inside through big glass windows.

20. Magnificent views

This balcony is already located amid such beauty but what elevates it is the use of infinity glass and the correct utilization of space by having a dining table with some big comfortable chairs. We would definitely love to have breakfast on this balcony!

Which of these balconies would like to recreate at home? Let us know in the comments.

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