10 Rustic Kitchens That Will Make You Want One For Your Home

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First things first, you don't have to be living in a cabin in the woods or a country farm to have a rustic inspired kitchen! If you have a love of warm, raw, comforting, rugged yet approachable interiors, a rustic kitchen fits right in your style. Kitchens are the heart of the home, we all would agree. But it is seen that the kitchen is in many instances ignored, in terms of decor, for other rooms in the house such as the living and dining areas. If you have been thinking of revving up your kitchen and making it as interesting and inviting a space as it rightfully deserves to be, here is a specially curated ideabook of 10 rustic kitchens around the world.

You will see that a rustic style can be easily incorporated into your kitchen by choosing a few rustic elements and working around those amidst the modern functionality of your kitchen. It is a fun, interesting, and challenging project to take up and recreate the kitchen you have always dreamt of. Read on to view the ideabook. 

1. Open, warm and inviting

There's so much to love about this open, warm, and inviting kitchen. The soft exposed brick walls, the reclaimed wooden beams on the ceiling, the wooden cabinets and the centre table, the shelving on the walls, all made of reclaimed wood make this kitchen feel like one can cook here with warmth, ease and comfort.

2. Cozy little kitchen with a window

We love how the brown of the tiles compliments the brown of the wooden cabinets and table and all that is contrasted with the soft white of the walls. The little window with plants on the sill brings in the sweet warmth of the sun and green views in abundance.

3. Minimal and soft

This minimal rustic kitchen doesn't have one sharp edge! Everything here is rounded, soft, and basic. The unsmoothed wall and wooden exposed wooden beams on the ceiling add character and depth. That's the beauty of this unconventional little kitchen.

4. Rustic, cool and uncluttered

So many little things make up this magical kitchen space that one can find inspiration from. The exposed brick wall devoid of any colour that forms the backbone of this kitchen, the merest hint of salmon pink on the walls and woodwork, the big door and windows that let the light come in, handmade terracotta tiles adding warmth, beautifully rustic flooring that is hardwearing at the same time, custom made seamless copper sinks that are both special and practical. All of these elements make this kitchen stand out as a cool, rustic and uncluttered space. Which one among these is your favoutrite?

5. Wood and moody

The dark browns and reds of the brick wall and oak cabinet, the minimal, and elegant table and stools, the copper worktop, and marble double sink—this moody rustic kitchen packs all of this character and depth within itself.

Check out the designer of this and more such magical kitchens here.

6. White, rustic and comforting

In complete contrast to moody browns, this simple rustic kitchen in white has such a calming vibe that makes it very easy to imagine oneself being right there and making something special and comforting to eat. the wooden beams on the ceilings provide a nice contrast adding just the right amount of colour to this all-white kitchen.

7. Neat and Raw

It is so satisfying to look at the neat white brick walls, and the shelves and cabinets made of reclaimed wood in this basic, rustic little kitchen. The theme of raw, rustic, neat, and open runs through this kitchen.

8. Handmade heritage tiles

Well, how can a list of rustic kitchens be complete without a cozy little kitchen featuring handmade heritage tiles? So, here is our pick. Love the little details that make up this warm and sweet little kitchen.

9. Tiles and beams

Tiles and ceiling goals right in front of you in this big, open rustic kitchen. The blue and white floor tiles and the wooden beams and columns are the highlights of this kitchen. Other details like the hanging industrial lights, wooden tables, and reclaimed doors all add to the rustic charm of this kitchen.

10. Wood and stone

This large rustic kitchen in stone features red tiles and a fireplace. The doors look charming in white and the vibe is open, warm and inviting. One can imagine the entire family spending lots of time in this big, warm, open kitchen sharing, eating, talking, and making food!

If you loved this ideabook on rustic kitchens and want more, here is another list featuring more rustic kitchens that can unleash your inner cook!

Which rustic kitchen aesthetic did you find the most appealing? Let us know in the comments. 

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