Duplex Houses: 10 Elegant and Mesmerizing Ideas You Can't Miss

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The pandemic has given us that rare chance to rethink our lives, our lifestyles, and to ponder things that perhaps have been ignored in our deadline-ridden routines! As days pass and the variants of the coronavirus get only deadlier, we have come to realize how unifying and full of strength is a family huddled together, sharing and comforting each other’s lives. This is the greatest piece of wisdom that the entire world has slowly learned to grasp as it is going to be two years soon since a virus whose origin is still disputed, disrupted our lives and brought the entire world to a stand-still.

But today we are here to focus on the brighter aspect of our lives. No! Human beings are not mere numbers but living entities of this beautiful world and it is time we learn to live together. Let’s call upon all our relatives and try to make the concept of joint family work again! Is it too difficult to think now when hospitals are regularly failing us? This is why we thought it would be a great idea to curate some of our best duplex house designs, comfy luxury houses, and bungalow designs. All you have to do is sit back and cater to your ideas which come to your mind when you see the pictures.

Owing to the fact that we are talking about remaking our nuclear families into joint families, we are here to show you some of the most beautiful and simple modern house designs which will also work in duplex apartments. Now, it is important to understand the difference between duplex houses and apartments. A house is called a duplex when it has two units within the same building and the units can be designed in accordance with the wishes of the owner/s. Usually, duplex houses have a common kitchen and a common entrance. However, they can be easily converted into duplex apartments with separate entrances dedicated to every unit. 

So, the convenience offered by duplex styled houses is unmatched. Let’s not waste any more time and dive straight into the details. All the designs have been made by

Kreative House.

1. Elegance and Convenience in Equal Proportions

Well, we are here to find out which ideas suit you best. Therefore, let’s keep our options open and look for inspiration at every corner of the ingenious website of Homify. Look at this perfect mix of elegance with a common entrance that snakes through all the floors. Moreover, the design will also work as a duplex apartment because it is a very flexible blueprint that can cater to a variety of demands of the owners.

2. Beauty at its Best!

We would want you to simply stare and take in every bit of elegance this design exudes. When it comes to understanding and accommodating the priorities of a varied group of people (elders, teens, youth), this design will best fit the idea. 

3. The Traditions of the Olden Times

This design is a mix of the Jane Jacobs style of architecture delving into the intricacies of postmodernist architecture. Observe how the structure has been built to accommodate and encourage the act of togetherness with a common balcony while there is always an option of seclusion for the loners.

4. Stepping Inside the Fortress

When you are talking about reliving the days of being in a joint family, how would you like it if you could welcome all your members into this grand eloquence of bright colours, leather sofas, and a centre table to be surrounded with fun and jubilance?

5. The Largest and the Marvellous Hallway

If you are ever planning to make a duplex house, do not miss out on the pleasure of making a hallway that echoes! A large hallway that sprawls from one end of the room housing a guests’ room to the other that holds the common kitchen, with very good looking furniture is not just a classic way to show off your tastes, but it holds a different place in your guests’ minds!

6. Do you like semi-balconies?

If you are not aware of what a semi-balcony is, it is the side window that makes the perfect corner for bookworms, when they can ride on their wings of imagination as the rain falls on the window sill. Look at this corner that pulls eyes towards itself because with all the arrangements, it has got a gravity of its own. Here are some even more elegant balcony ideas that will easily fit into your duplex house designs.

7. Another Quiet Corner is a Must!

Well, always leave room for the loners because everyone needs to feel warm inside a joint family, right? This small space of about 200 sp. Ft. is perfect to keep open and set up a few chairs. It is a nice area for evening gatherings.

8. The Bedroom of the Modern Times

Why shouldn’t we wear our dreams of building an empire and make our bedrooms living proof of the ambitions that we strive for. This bedroom is a wonderful combination of style, elegance, and comfort. This is not simply because of the elegant wallpaper that takes your imagination far away from the humdrum affairs of life. Rather it is the overall combination of beds, and the large sprawling area or the negative space within the room.

9. Another bedroom of a different genre!

It is a duplex house and the best part about these structures is you can create innumerable combinations of colours, designs, and comfortable material to adorn your house with. For instance, one room can hold furniture of traditional style to exude the retro feeling. On the other hand, a walk to the next room will demonstrate an entirely different ultramodern room to house the gen-Z’s of the family.

10. The Grand & Eloquent Kitchen

Last but not the least, a joint family is often synonymous with parties. Even if there is no special occasion to celebrate, the evening chai sessions are almost close to becoming a party. 

When it comes to ideas and incorporating them into your vision, it's always important to discuss duplex house plans with professionals you can count on, such as Kreative House's architects and interior designers.

You can get in touch with the company here, on homify, and find out more about their services by clicking on this link.

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