12 Small Loft Ideas To Copy Right Now

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Lofts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Traditionally, it is an industrial space transformed into a residential apartment with high ceilings. Most have exposed bricks, metal beams, polished floors, and larger windows. The best thing about lofts is that its open space offers all the room for creativity and design. You can decide where you want to have your living, working, dining, and sleeping spaces. This kind of freedom is not available in apartments where every room is already sort of functionally earmarked. When we talk about small lofts, things can get even more challenging and fun. This also kind of makes lofts one of the favourite spaces for interior architects and designers to design, transform and renovate. Needless to say perfect for DIYers to experiment and design as per their taste and style. If you are among those who are looking for small loft design ideas and inspiration, read on! 

1 Urban chic

A complete transformation of a small loft into an urban, chic city home. We love the statement furniture and pieces, big windows and doors, and the matte black fittings on the window and staircase. 

2 Minimal, modern

A perfect example of a small loft transformed into a modern, minimal home. Great use of three colours. The light fittings keep the modern, industrial feel of the loft house. 

3 Eclectic

This small loft has been designed keeping the artisanal/industrial neighbourhood it is situated in. The result is an eclectic, warm and colourful loft apartment. 

4 Raw and industrial

Keeping true to original lofts, this small loft apartment has kept its raw industrial vibe intact with some geometric interior design. 

5 Make most of the walls

As most small loft homes have double ceilings, one should make the most use of the big walls. Put up large canvases, paintings, photographs that go with the rest of the design.

6 Exposed brick wall

Almost in all small loft apartments, you will find some exposed brick walls. This is a lovely way to make it the focus of the room.

7 Modern, urban

Modern, urban small loft inspiration—a small loft converted into a modern, high-end home.

8 The little spaces

Since lofts are usually open spaces, you can design your own specific areas for dining, sitting, sleeping, reading, etc. Designing the interiors of a small loft is a lot of fun because of the freedom to demarcate different spaces for different activities throughout the house. 

9 Combined spaces

A design idea for a combined sitting, kitchen, and dining space. White walls and ceilings make the room look even bigger.

10 Another space use inspiration

Here is another inspiration on how to demark separate areas for kitchen, dining, and sitting that allow for privacy while being connected and in the same space. 

11 Small loft bedrooms

We absolutely love this small loft bedroom places beside an exposed brick wall and classic wooden windows. 

12 Warm and cosy

Style your small loft interiors the warm and cozy way with white walls, wooden floors, and a calm and happy country-home vibe, like this home as inspiration.  

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Let us know in comments, which of these design inspiration for small lofts would you like to try at your home? 

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