5 Tools you need for Home Renovation

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If you have decided it is time to proceed with important home renovations, then you will need the right tools to do so. Ask anyone in the construction industry, and they will tell you that having the necessary tools is not optional. The ones you need will differ widely, according to the work at hand. Here are four tools you will most probably use, throughout the process of home renovation.

Plasma Cutter

Just reading these two words may scare some of the readers. But as spectacular as it may look, using a plasma cutter is actually much easier than it seems. More importantly, this tool will be useful for a large variety of tasks, as you go through home repairs. It will be needed to cut gutters and chain-link fences. When it comes to plumbing projects, it is the one tool you will use to cut copper tubes. You may also find yourself in need of a plasma cutter to repair some of your equipment, such as the lawnmower or the snowblower.

Power drill

No one will be surprised to read that you need to have a power drill to do home renovations. Without it, it is almost unthinkable to even start. However, there are different drills to choose from. It is of outmost importance to find a cordless or a battery-powered one. Otherwise, you may find yourself unable to use it for certain tasks, wherever there are no electrical outlets available. You need to avoid long electric extension cords, which can be dangerous for electrocution but it could also cause an accident if someone trips on the cable. This basic tool will help make holes rapidly and insert bolts or screws efficiently, with utmost precision.

Table saw

This instrument needs to be handled with vigilance. A small error could be dangerous to your safety. It is not a tool that you should use, without getting familiar with it, first. Read the manual to understand how it works, and what you can or cannot do with it. Then, make tests with medium size pieces, to start. Always wear gloves and safety glasses while using a table saw, and keep your attention focused on the work. If you are starting to get tired, stop working with it and continue with other lighter jobs. However, it is the tool you will need to cut large pieces of wood or MDF.

Nail Gun

If you are planning a home renovation for one room only, then you may think of using a hammer to drive your nails into the walls and into other surfaces. But if you plan to work on the whole house, a nail gun becomes a necessity. This is the most common task you will have to do, as you go along. Using a nail gun will not only make your life easier, but it will also let you gain an incredible amount of time. And although a nail gun can be dangerous, and should never be left lying around unsupervised (especially if you have kids), using a hammer can be just as harmful, if you end up hitting your thumb, instead of the head of the nail.

Belt/Orbital Sander

While working on the house, chances are you will need to use a sander. The belt sander will be efficient on wood objects in order to remove dents, mill marks, and other flaws. It is the largest sanding tool and the most useful one. The orbital one works in a rotating motion. It is better to use it, whenever you need to reach edges in difficult locations. If the surface requires only light sanding, it will be the right tool as well. Use it to prepare a surface for painting, refinishing, or sealing.

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