Modern, Space-Saving and Comfortably Chic Interiors For a Salon

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Needless to say, to create influential and attractive interiors for a salon, it is important to keep the elements such as ambience and looks on your priority list. But at the same time, one also needs to offer adequate amount of attention to generating a welcoming and relaxing ambience in order to offer a remarkable experience to the visitors. A perfect blend of such characteristics can be seen here in the design executed by the interior designers and decorators of Monoceros Interarch Solutions, Ahmedabad. As you can see how smartly every inch of the space has been utilized to maximize functionality while making sure that the salon appears as vibrant and stunning. In fact, along with designing, the placement of high-end equipment has been done in such way that it adds to the magnificent aura of the salon.

Well-planned layout

This picture gives you a clear idea of how the designers have cleverly planned the layout of the interior space of the salon to make sure that a proper section gets assigned to every beauty and spa activity, while maintaining a clutter-free appearance. To offer the needed privacy to the customers during makeup, manicure, pedicure and massage, separate cubicles have also been constructed. Most importantly, you can see how the entire area has been designed with white paint, floor tiles and wood work to generate a homogenous environment.

Elegant and stylish

The hair treatment area has been given a trendy yet minimalistic appeal. The center part of the wall behind the chairs has been used to install built-in shelves and cabinets for displaying hair care products, whereas the rest of the wall has been adorned with a beautiful yet subtle floral wall art. Also, to create a distinction between the hair spa and styling area, the floor of the spa has been covered with wood textured tiles. Along with this, the bright yellow chairs and green plants add a unique charm in the otherwise monochromatic setting.

Optimum space utilization

The exceptionally designed hair styling area talks volumes about the excellent craftmanship and innovative ideas of the designers. The mirrored dressing unit installed in the centre allows two people to use the same unit while enjoying a comfortable seating, which undoubtedly indicates towards proper utilization of the total space. In addition, the full-length glass windows provide a clear view of the outside, whereas the sleek wooden shelves offer adequate space for displaying beauty products.

Finely designed spa section

A soothing colour palette has been selected for this section of the salon to make sure that the clients enjoy a cosy and relaxing ambience. The shower area installed in the corner helps save plenty of the floor space, and the deep wooden floor tiles beautifully complement the walls.

Interesting makeup room

This is the room where all the makeup-based activities will take place, and hence, the mirror has been designed with maximum use of bulbs, which will definitely throw the right amount of light on the face of the client. The ceiling features a floral wall paper to enhance the décor, and the floor has been covered with tiles to lend a well-furnished appeal.

Impressive exterior

Besides giving a charming touch to the interiors of the salon, a lot of attention to details has been given while designing the exterior as well. The name of the salon has been written in bold letters in deep yellow and white tone to instantly grab the attention of the onlookers, even from a great distance. Also, the black background makes the name to glow even more.

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