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The rural farmhouse with a modern soul

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When it comes to breathing new life into an old, in-need dwelling, there are plenty of different options and choices available to the renovator. Many choose to simply demolish the existing property and start afresh, while others will invest time and money in refurbishing a piece of history and heritage. Today’s project is the latter.

Designed by Dom Arquitectura, this impressive farmhouse has been brought to life using a mixture of contemporary and classic methods. Situated in La Cerdanya, a miniscule 20-house village, the sprawling property is both a large and an intimidating undertaking.

Set within rolling idyllic hills, verdant farmland and impressive mountains, this property is truly one of the finest farmhouse rejuvenations we have seen. No expense has been spared, nor any detail left unfinished; the home is an impressively gorgeous and truly striking domestic transformation.

If you would like to take a tour within, check out the images below and get ready to be captivated!

A warm and welcoming ambience

The first image we see of this dwelling is the main farmhouse building. Taken at dusk, this mesmerising home looks inviting and enthralling with its windows oozing an alluring amber glow. We can also see how the structure is built, by using packed stone from the surrounding area. Terracotta tiles cover the roofs, while large open areas provide an ideal entertaining space.

Hints of modernity

Zooming into the large terrace area we start to get an idea of the contemporary elements that have been added to the property. The windows are a giveaway with their new glazing, and sleek timber shutters. The space is neat and tidy, but still retains a level of classic rustic charm, adding to the overall attractiveness of the home.

This terrace acts as the central entranceway for guests to come and go. Here the space is large enough to host a generously sized get-together or party, in a chic, characterful setting.

Working with double-height spaces

Here we see the first internal space within the farmhouse. In this room it becomes extremely evident the level of finish that has been implemented in the design, with every tiny aspect thoughtfully considered.

The mezzanine is a highlight of the space, adding additional living areas to the double height room. Mezzanines are a great way to improve floor space within a large room, and can often help to add a level of cosiness within large, double height areas.

The metal staircase is a real standout feature with its moulded metal finish, dark charcoal hue, and minimalist balustrade. This works brilliantly against the washed timber cladding, and exposed stone, juxtaposing different textures and tones effortlessly.

Picture-perfect living

Turning around to alter our vantage point, the first living room is evident. This is a place of comfort and warmth, boasting huge picture windows that look out over the rolling hills. An overstuffed sofa adds to the sense of relaxing sumptuousness, and sits directly across from the wall-mounted fireplace.

The timber wall panelling matches the flooring, imparting lightness, with a chic rustic edge. Additionally, whitewashed timber ceiling beams employ a sense of provincial trendiness, contrasting the contemporary elements beautifully.

Sumptuous luxury

Next up, we take a peek inside one of the many other living spaces that are scattered sporadically throughout the dwelling. This particular area houses an informal lounge, dining room, and faces the kitchen.

In this space colours are light and bright, with the whitewashed timber beam ceiling continued throughout. The furniture is sumptuous yet contemporary, boasting a combination of both black and white items. Of particular note are the pieces of original farmhouse that have been turned into stylish works of art and hung upon the wall leading downstairs. This helps remind the occupant of the abode’s traditional past and its history.

Ready to entertain?

Entering the kitchen we see a space that achieves its goals. The rom is sleek, minimal, and yet still boasts a feeling of charm, character and tradition. The original life and soul of this property has not been lost in the renovation, rather enhanced and given a new refreshed aura.

The cooking space is easy to use and functional, with the hanging lights continued throughout. The use of another fireplace in the living room is a gorgeous addition, adding warmth during the chilly winter seasons.

Serene, tranquil and idyllic

Moving outside once again we are able to view one of the large exterior balconies. The bucolic exposed construction of the inclined gable suggests a soothingly beguiling timber casing, which adds to this luminous and entertaining gallery.

Impressive sleeping quarters

Inside, the master bedroom is impressive and stylish. Here the bed is situated in the middle of the room, and enjoys partitioned sections that provide a large ensuite bathroom and dressing room. The colour scheme is neutral and serene, imparting class, refinement and a sense of contemporary design nous.

One final look…

Finally, before we end this tour we are taking one final look at the dwelling as a whole. From this vantage we see how large the collection of buildings actually are, with a gorgeously idyllic surrounding landscape.

The old-fashioned charm of the structure is captured effortlessly, with the contemporary inclusions unable to be viewed from a distant. All that is seen from this perspective is a beautifully charismatic property, bursting with history, heritage and an insight into the past.

We hope you enjoyed touring this dwelling as much as we did! If you would like to continue reading, check out The Stone Farmhouse with a Casual Country Air.

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