21 black bathroom designs that look elegant and stylish

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You have to be bold to choose the beautiful shade of black for your bathroom. However, if you wish for a timeless classic design that looks sexy and feels powerful, black is the right choice. From restraining the use of black in bathroom accessories to going berserk with an all-black bathroom to being experimental by combining black with different colors, there are various ways in which you can incorporate black in the bathroom décor. Our professional bathroom designers have planned it right and made a bold statement using the shades of black and converted the humble bathrooms into visually appealing modern bathrooms oozing elegance and bathing in style. Have a look!

1. Magical Monochrome

The beautiful white bathroom gets elevated by the paintings of black birds flying to adorn the bathroom wall.

2. Midas Touch of Black

Sometimes, a bathroom cabinet in black can stand apart to make the bathroom look stylish, and having a powerful impact in its design.

3. Orange with magical black

A magical bathroom design is created by combining black wall tiles, ivory on the floor, countertop and bathroom cabinet. The orange sink and the toilet seat create a sophisticated style with elegant black in the bathroom.

4. Bespoke in Black

The shine of the black and silver frame of the bathroom mirror glitter under the golden light, adding the magic of black to the bathroom décor. It gets compliments by the black glass used in the open shelves built in the niche for storage.

5. Customized black bathroom

The bathroom area gets defined by choice of black tile designs used on walls and floor. While the shower zone has zigzag tiles, the rest of the walls has stone-washed tile design with a portion of blue that brings color to the monochrome bathroom décor.

6. Twinning in black

Twinning in black, the twin vanity bathroom with long black bathroom cabinet make the bathroom shines, reflecting the elegance and making black a prominent color in the twin bathroom.

7. Shine of black from above

It doesn’t need to be an all-black bathroom to make its presence felt. The black on the ceiling with modern chandelier of glass balls hanging from above is enough to dominate the décor.

8. Natural Elegance of Black

In its natural greyish tinge of concrete, Black combines with the natural brick color to flush the bathroom in beautiful natural essence and elegance.

9. Dazzling in black

Black mosaic tiles all over the bathroom floor are an elegant feat. In combination with the ivory subway tiles on its walls, it enhances the stylishness of the bathroom décor in black and white. 

10. Combination of different textures in black

In this stunning bathroom, the shine of black mosaic tiles contrasts and compliments the solid elegance of the plain black wall in its opposite building up a beautiful décor.

11. Rustic charm of black bathroom

The bathroom's rustic charm gets elevated by the natural dark and lighter black tone of concrete tiles on the walls and floor.  

12. Stylish in black

The black and white geometrical patterned tiles lend a sophisticated style in a bathroom styled in black and white color combination.

13. Detailing it with a black touch

The black and white pattern on the wall tiles is beautifully balanced with the white bathroom furniture with solid black rectangular knobs on its doors.

14. Black Bathroom with wooden warmth

In this bathroom dominated by black, the elegance of the black blends with the warmth of wood, creating a sophisticated bathroom that is quite timeless and classy décor in style.

15. Contemporary in black

The black subway tiles on the wall and floors with grey wall tiles and wooden bathroom cabinet combine to build up a contemporary bathroom. 

16. Modern and Minimalist

Black pendant lamps dropping in front of black tiles over the black countertop lend the bathroom décor a modern and minimalist elegance. 

17. Playing with the shades of black

The bathroom drenches in black, but in its different hues, shades, and textures build up an elegant décor in the modern bathroom.

18. Luxurious in black with a golden touch

This bathroom, designed in the combination of black and golden, features a golden mirror fixed on a black wall and a black granite countertop with a golden sink on top, creating a mystic and luxurious décor.

19. The Powerful Impact

Make a powerful impact with different black tiles and balance off the drama of black with a touch of warm elegance of wood, creating a chic and luxurious bathroom décor.

20. Elegance of simplicity

The edgy black finishing of the wall tiles combines with the floor-mounted sink's rustic and modern classiness to build up a modern and sophisticated bathroom design.

21. Leap of Black magic

The power play of black dominating the bathroom décor gets a leap of elegance with a golden picture of a horse imprinted on it and the electric shine of blue on the bathroom cabinet. 

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Which of these black bathroom design ideas impressed you the most? Let us know in the commnets.

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