Designing Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

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Outdoor kitchen with 4 Pizze wood-fired oven, Alfa Forni Alfa Forni Modern Terrace
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The desire to be outdoors as much as possible that Spring brings about, can be fulfilled by enjoying the outdoors of your own house, from the large gardens to the balconies and decks, however spacious they might be. Enhancing those precious spaces by adding an outdoor living room, dining tables, and of course a huge amount of pots with flowers and plants, it's always a great idea—but to fit your outdoor's chilling areas perfectly, you can set up a real, fully equipped outdoor kitchen. The possibility of cooking outdoors is without a doubt a great value to every kind of space, especially if you can add multifunctional furnishing solutions and high-end tech equipment such as the ones created by Alfa Forni, a company specialized in the production of wood-fired ovens, gas ovens, and hybrid ovens. The patented designs of Alfa Forni ovens guarantee an absolutely fantastic cooking experience, alongside a stylish and elegant design. Let's get to know better some of the fascinating examples of how to design your own whole outdoor space.

1. Outdoor kitchen with a wood-fired oven

In a perfect exterior area, you cannot miss a fully equipped outdoor kitchen where the whole family can enjoy being outside and live it up in the garden 100%. That's exactly what happens with this awesome project from a functional standpoint, having a fully equipped outdoor kitchen: you have the opportunity to set up a garden kitchenette that allows you to spend time with family and friends while cooking lunches and dinners, avoiding having to go back and forth from the indoor kitchen. This is the outdoor kitchen with wood-fired oven 5MINUTI (5 minutes) created by Alfa Forni. An oven that takes 5 minutes to reach the right temperature is the solution that you need: it creates a fully equipped and comfortable outdoor space for cooking and baking pizza and so much more.

1.1 Outdoor kitchen with wood-fired oven

This outdoor kitchen with a wood-fired oven represents a technological solution that is also stylish, and thus able to greatly enhance a modern outdoor dining area. The structure of this beautiful outdoor kitchen, surrounded by plants and flowers, also allows you to store wood into dedicated easy-to-access cabinets. On the opposite side, the kitchen is equipped with a counter and stools, setting up the perfect area to have quick snacks and drinks with friends.

2. A comfortable outdoor living

It's always a great idea to set up a comfortable outdoor space to fully enjoy your house garden by relaxing and spending time with family and friends. In this wonderful example, we can see a comfortable and elegant exterior living with an outdoor kitchen, a dining table with seats, couches, and also pots with plants and flowers. The whole space is protected by a strategically built wooden patio roof, ideal to shelter the furniture from bad weather situations or to leisurely enjoy the outdoors.

2.1 A comfortable outdoor living

The main feature of this space is once again Alfa Forni's wood-fired oven that makes the outdoor kitchen fully functional. This setup gives the outer space design a country yet refined vibe, which is both practical and comfy.

3. A fully equipped kitchen

This next outdoor kitchen does have it all too. From the 4PIZZE (4 pizzas) wood-fired oven to the grill, from the kitchen sink to the gas-powered cooktop, you have what you need for your next summer lunches and dinners with family and friends. With a shelter from bad weather situations, this kitchen can be fitted with all the appliances necessary to give you the maximum of functionality, such as refrigerators and dishwashing machines.

4. An oven on the balcony

The vast array of products offered by Alfa Forni gives you the opportunity to choose the oven that best fits your needs in terms of space, among different stainless steel models. Compact and extremely handy, the oven One can reach

500°C in just ten minutes and represents an example of pure technology and design, created for those whom do have little space but don't want to give up on a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. Thanks to its weight of only 50 kg and to its wheeled base, this

oven is easy to move around the balcony,

not only to cook but also to warm up the ambiance of a chosen area. To minimize the needed space, a gas-powered version of One is also available, allowing the avoidance of stocking wood.

5. For the small outdoor kitchen

Fitting a small outdoor kitchen with a wood-fired oven is possible even within little outdoor space. Alfa Forni's structures, fitted with shelves and racks, are created to optimize the available space, to guarantee comfort to even the smallest outdoors with the beauty of an open space kitchen.

6. A terrace with a pool and a wood-fired oven

A wood-fired oven can enhance, with its handiness and modernity, also poolside spaces within the garden or on a breathtaking terrace like the one pictured here. The selected Alfa Forni oven brings a touch of color to the luxurious outdoor space and above all enriches the lounge area with new functionality, oriented towards having an amazing time with good food and great company.

Designing your own outdoor kitchen: Alfa Forni's creates high-end fully equipped outdoor kitchens with wood-fired ovens.

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