10 Rich Ideas to Add the Bling of Brass in your Home Décor

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Brass objects and brass colour have always been a part of home décor for luxuriance and imperial touch it adds to the décor. The traditional feel of brass, gold-like colour, and shimmery shine adds elegance to classic and contemporary décor. Modern interior designers and decorators draw inspirations from the traditional knowledge and classiness of the metal. They adapt it to the modern style to incorporate the richness of brass objects and colour, making it the centre of attraction, no matter how small the piece is. Let’s look at the ideas of using brass in our home décor that we have curated to inspire you.

1. Luxury of brass

The bathroom fixtures, faucet, soap case, mirror frame and wall lamps made of brass add an opulence charm to the bathroom elevating its luxury and stylishness.

2. Sophisticated elegance of brass color

Marigny Residence, New Orleans studioWTA Walls cypress cabinets,adaptive reuse,Wayne Troyer,studioWTA,Tracie Ashe,Julie Babin,Ross Karsen,Natan Diacon-Furtado,stone tile,reclaimed lath

Marigny Residence, New Orleans


The different hue of brass colour on the painting hanging on white wall and surrounded by the rustic beauty of wood and stone builds up a sophisticated décor. 

3. Decorative plates on the wall

The wall decoration created through the heirloom brass plates hung on the wall looks stunning. The creativity of the decor adds classy and luxury elegance to simple interior design.

4. Glimmer of the brass art works

The glimmering of the artwork displayed on the modern grey wall with yellow light seeping from behind enhances the beauty of the brass artworks adorning the wall décor.

5. Imperial elegance of the chandelier

The glitzy brass tips of the metal chandelier bring imperial elegance to the traditional décor without going overboard.

6. Fancy style of the brass fixtures

The brass faucets and a brass vase in the modern bathroom are enough to elevate the style quotient of the bathroom décor. You can also go for the brass sink or brass colour on the wall if you like the elegance of the brass.

7. Modern piece of brass

Nashville Avenue Residence, New Orleans studioWTA Eclectic style corridor, hallway & stairs lacquered wood floor,casework,bannister,studioWTA,Tracie Ashe,Natan Diacon-Furtado

Nashville Avenue Residence, New Orleans


The contemporary style chandelier looks drop-down gorgeous in a modern minimalist home, lighting up the staircase and styling the house's corridor.

8. Luxury of brass on the door handle

A single crafted door handles on the door brings the luxury you always wanted to have in your home décor in a subtle yet elegant way. 

9. Dressing the windows in brass

Nashville Avenue Residence, New Orleans studioWTA Living room lacquered wood floor,wood trim,openings,studioWTA,Tracie Ashe,Natan Diacon-Furtado

Nashville Avenue Residence, New Orleans


Brass colour curtains dressing up the windows floods the room in stylishness. The brass curtains create a sophisticated contrast with the regal purple furniture and pristine white on the walls.

10. Décor from the 60s

An eclectic style bedroom decorated with crafty wallpaper, bright colour bed and rug on the floor, wrought iron nightstand, and the disco-ball style of the brass lamp hanging from above recreates a 60s style décor in the modern bedroom.

Check this ideabook for more ideas of 60s style home decor: 15 Exciting Modern Interior Decoration Ideas Inspired by the Creative Vibes of 1960s

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