15 Exciting Modern Interior Decoration Ideas Inspired by the Creative Vibes of 1960s

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There is no denying that the popping colours, bold prints, eclectic mix and richness in furniture, furnishing, interior design and architectural style take us back to the 1960s, a decade of pop culture that brought the retro charm into the world of interior décor too. The basic philosophy of the 60s vibe is to feel liberated. It gives the designers the freedom to experiment with the vintage, modern, Bohemian and eclectic style to pop up the décor. The 1960s inspired décor is all about embracing your personal style unapologetically, creating a lively décor to celebrate life. Let’s take a look at the home décor inspired by the 1960s, beautifully incorporated into contemporary homes.

1. Out under the sun

It's time to channel some warm vibe of the sun in the 60s style. Surrounded by greenery and flowering plants in the cottage's courtyard, the open dining area made of wooden benches and a long table creates a natural setting for an open dining area.

2. Dreamy floral in the décor

The floral floor design binds the décor of the bedroom is definitely the 60s. The complementary shade of powder blue and white makes the room décor bright and stylish.

3. Eclectic mix of whimsical style

In this minimalist décor, the eclectic furniture style, quirky lamp design, and the bright red colour of the sofa blend to imitate the 60s style in the contemporary home.

4. A touch of vintage style

The fresh and modern kitchen's simple accent gets a touch of vintage style of the 60s with the wrought iron lamps and the beehive tiles on the backsplash.

5. Openness of the 60s in the living room

The open plan living room is quite modern in approach, with the kitchen opening in the living space flooding it with natural light. The use of wood in its raw form and the neutral colour palette is in sync with the wild spirit of the 60s.

6. Modern meets retro-style

The modern grey wall blends with the 60s touch brought through the blue of the mirror frame, the vintage-style chandelier and the green pop of plant in the vase.

7. Ultimate 60s style

Comfortable aesthetic, relaxed environment, easy to maintain bare window, wooden floor, high ceiling for liberated feeling, windows dressed in simple cotton curtains, the chandelier's bright luxury, and a coloured upholstered bed; it’s the ultimate 60s style recreated in a modern home.

8. The 60s in the living room

Bring the 60s style while maintaining the modern vibe in the living room through an elaborate stony fireplace, double-height ceiling, vintage chandelier, and an upholstered coffee table.

9. Colourful pop in simple décor

The pop of vibrant colours made the 60 more vibrant. Bring the spirit of the 60s in your modern minimalist décor through the bright colour furniture. Even a couple of orange beanbags can do the honour.

10. Blush of 60s in a modern kitchen

The modern décor of the chic and stylish kitchen gets elevated with a blushing touch of rust colour kitchen chimney and the slanting brick designed tiles on the backsplash.

11. Bold with furnishing and patterns

The popularity of the psychedelic patterns and heavy furnishing, which was at its peak, is well incorporated in this modern living room’s armchairs and the velvety centre table.  

12. Arched French door

The arched French door as an indoor partition is a reminiscence from the 60s incorporated in the modern décor, giving it a luxurious touch.

13. Privacy of the bunk-bed

The idea of private bunk-bed takes inspiration from the decade of pop culture and community living while still maintaining privacy. The double-decker bunk-bed with curtains creates a private recluse for the inmate.

14. Muted shade and bold print

The bedroom's muted shades take the shine of the yellow chair and bold yellow prints of the bedspread adorning the bed.

15. Dedicated wall of the 60s

You don’t need to paint the entire room to bring the vibe of 60s in the décor. Just a bold wall colourful and bright with floral patterns through colour or wallpaper is enough to splatter the 60s all over.

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Share your ideas of 60s home decor with us bin the comments section.

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