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The Amazing Little Abandoned Home!

Leigh Leigh
Kiko House Modern Dining Room by RH Casas de Campo Design Modern
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This abandoned little house, that we are going to explore today, is like chalk and cheese from before and after. It almost seems like the architects have taken a magic wand and transformed everything!

This project is based close to Parque da Peneda Geres in Portugal. In this fantastic location, we are going to look at an old stone cottage that was previously in an absolutely ruined state. 

Yet, there was a massive intervention carried out by a team of architects from RH Casas de Campo Design,. which has managed to create a real and beautiful home out of what was previously an abandoned building.

Let us go and explore the metamorphosis of this old home into an incredible design!

Before: An abandoned house

Surrounded by overgrown greenery, the abandoned home has almost been absorbed by it. 

The little stone house has been overtaken by the passage of time and has become a ruin the middle of a pretty village.

The aim of the project was to clean up all of the surrounding all of the land and erect a small house that was new, habitable, maintained and more modern, without losing the rural charm of the original home. 

Let's see if the target has been met!

Now: A nice house

The result leaves us speechless. 

The house that was full of moss and was in ruins is now a charming rural home with thick stone walls and completely renovated facade. The height of the building has been expanded, giving it more volume and expanding the square footage available in the interior. 

The garden has also been cleaned up and a small terrace has been built, which overlooks the street. 

Although it is brand new, the building has been adapted to the architecture of the original stone.

Ground floor: the living area

The home is organised in a very simple way. On the top floors we find the bedroom and at the bottom is the day area. 

The family gather in living room, dining room and kitchen, where we see a very modern design, contemporary lines and cream colours.

The stone facade gives way here to wood, which becomes the key player in this apartment.

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The kitchen

At the end of this large, open living space, we find a kitchen that overlooks the rest of the space.

The flooring defines the perimetre of each area of the living space. 

Again cream and brown tones are introduced, which are enhanced by the beautiful soft and modern lighting. We've already forgotten about the rural past of this home!

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The wooden staircase

The dining room is located next to a wooden staircase, which leads to the upper floor.  

It is a simple design with no covering or paint. This gives prominence to the raw material, which is emphasised by the nakedness. We see a perfect line that draws the steps of the staircase.

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An overview of the top floor

The wooden staircase leads to the bedroom, connecting the top floor to the bottom floor. It is enhanced by the light that streams in through a wide, horizontal window.

The amazing thing about this room is the glass cubicle that has been installed around the bathroom. We will examine this more in depth in the last image of this article.

Luxury linen

Let us take a break in the wonderful bed of this luxurious bedroom

Here we can see that every little detail has been paid attention to. 

A metal railing opens the room up to the ground floor, while the same colours have been used throughout the home. It continues the beautiful design throughout the house!

A bathroom with glamour

We end off our tour of this beautiful, rural apartment visiting the bathroom. 

This is undoubtedly the most modern and glamorous of the housing space. In this bathroom, its easy to forget the rural character of the house and its stone skin.

Here is everything is new: the tiles lining the walls, the warm wooden flooring and the use of glass to separate and distinguish the spaces physically and visually, even though they are one.

How gorgeous is this amazing transformation?

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