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How to Choose an Area Rug?

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Area rugs are powerful designing equipment for both the interior and exterior of your home. Besides serving as the best floor covering or your favourite comfy foundation, they will also serve as a modish background for home decoration. Imagine getting a red-coloured antique Persian rug in your room with contrast elements.

 It will undoubtedly be amazing. One of the significant benefits of adding a rug to your home is to shift the look. With area rugs, you can completely transform the look from ancient to modern and traditional to classic in one go.

But the most overwhelming question is what are certainly important considerations. Though you are aware of certain things but selecting the right area rug needs some specific attention. 

You can go from bold to bland and from classic to modish with just simple hacks with the right area rug. 

Let's begin with the specific considerations for right area rug selection 

  1. Focus on the rug the style 
  2. Think about the colour combination 
  3. Don'tDon't overlook rug pattern 
  4. Right size matters 
  5. Check the pile height 
  6. Maintenance

Focus on the Rug Style

There are myriads and myriads of area rug styles. You may find out the style that suits your furniture. Before deciding on the rug style, find out the lightning style, room decor, and subdued effects.

With area rugs, you have unending rug options. Nowadays, homes are not trend bound. You are not limited to use Persian or European style rugs. You may use floral, geometric, southwestern, and any other rugs that best suits your style and taste. 

Don'tDon't settle for the less. Before finalising the rug style, think about all the available options. Focus wisely. Match the tones and texture. Consider all the finishes. Keep in mind that a rug does not need to match all the things in the room.

Think About the Colour Combination

Perhaps! Colour is one of the focal points while selecting an area rug. Of course, the colours need much attention. You have to think many times about what kind of colours will be best and what type of colour environment you wish for your room. Match the colours according to the entire room tone and not with just one element.

Irrespective of your home style, colour selection is an important decision. If you have already decorated your home with all the necessary furnishings, decide on the colour with existing elements. You can decide on neutral tones, bold tones, dark and light colours or anything that suits your place best. Try contrast for a unique look. 

Don't overlook rug pattern

Most people overlook the rug patterns. Everyone is not very passionate about selecting the right rug pattern. If your entire room is embellished with dark furniture and concrete colour walls, a rug pattern will bring life to your entire space. 

You may use a solid colour rug if you have patterned furniture. Carpets provide a soothing effect. Selecting a rug pattern is all about balancing what kind of look you want in your home. Select the subdue or bold patterns depending on the charisma and worth of your location. 

Right Size matters

Have you ever wondered that a wrong rug size will affect the entire look? Wrong size rugs are the most common mistakes during rug buying. One rule states that there should be 10-20 inches of bare space on both sides of the floor. For queen and king-sized beds, you have to buy extra large rugs. If you're confused about the rug size, always go for the bigger because "bigger is better". Ensure that equal space is maintained on both sides and a rug is placed in the centre. Rugs also define areas in the open setups. You can use a combination of small and large sizes to enhance the aesthetic appeal. 

Check the Pile Height

While rug selection, consider the pile height as an essential factor. It all depends on you what kind of pike you want for an area rug. Low pile rugs are designed for low traffic areas because they are delicate and need much care and attention. The higher the pile, the more the durability. Low pile rugs are easy to clean and more sturdy. These are less expensive than high pile rugs. Rugs with high piles are soft and comfy. These rugs make your home cosier and comfortable. Learn about pile height from the customer services on any website or browse the internet. 


When picking out a rug, be honest with yourself about how much effort you're looking to implement to keep it clean. Vacuuming and rotating rugs are enough for most carpets. Cleaning flat-weave rugs are easy, but you can also beat them out the old-fashioned way outside. Elevated rugs are more difficult to clean, and some must be sent out or washed by a professional at home.

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selecting the right area rug also depends on your lifestyle. This is one of the main factors that determine the rug style. Choose wisely and consider all the available options. Learn a lot before making a final decision. Find out the one that suits the traffic, have easy upkeep, and equally beautiful; never settle for cheap options. Remember, a rug is a lifetime investment, so don't buy it in hassle. 

How to Choose an Area Rug

How to Choose an Area Rug

Area rug selection is the most attending seeking task. There are certain important parameters such as colours, patterns, size and much more. Read further

Area rug selection is the most attending seeking task. There are certain important parameters such as colours, patterns, size and much more. Read further