10 Fresh Ideas to Add Urban Jungle Style in the Home Décor and live Greener

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Creating an urban garden amidst the concrete jungle is an art. The interesting fact is that the urban jungle doesn't mean creating a jungle in urban homes. It just means including the jungle theme through prints, patterns, decorative pieces, artificial turfs, indoor gardens, ceramics and artefacts, ornamental plants, etc. Anything that reminds you of the jungle and fills your home décor with the fresh vibe of greenery is a part of the urban jungle style in your home décor. It could be jungle theme wallpaper, fabrics with flora and fauna prints on it, the vertical garden, framed pictures depicting greenery, decorative plants and artificial flowers, accessories… the list could be as exhaustive as your imagination. Let's walk through the urban jungle created by our designers just for you that will surely inspire you to add the urban jungle into your home décor.

1. The Vertical Jungle

Call it a vertical garden or name it urban jungle; it’s the most popular way to add green to the home décor, bringing freshness and positivity into the home.

2. Scattered urban jungle

A few here and few there, the plants in beautiful ceramic planters create a subtle urban jungle that can be moved to change the jungle setting in the home décor. 

3. Green carpet and wooden elements

A green carpet on the balcony floor is a great way to add greenery to the urban home décor. The wooden furniture is a clever addition when craeteing deliberately creating an urban jungle.

4. Fountain full of greenery

A fountain with plants, natural or artificial, looks beautiful in the home décor. The sound of water, along with green elements, creates a stunning urban jungle.

5. Pictures on the wall

Urban jungle created through the walls' pictures of cactus and leaves, smartly adds the green elements in the home décor, making the urban jungle.

6. Jungle on the windowpane

Unlike the jungle in the open, the symmetrically arranged manicured plants in the planters define the windowpane boundary. In urban homes where space is limited and sunlight scarce, this is a smart way to create a jungle.

7. Cushion and wallpaper

Show your animals and jungle love through the cushion covers and wallpaper adorning the wall. Animal pictures remind of the jungle and so the urban jungle in the home décor.

8. View from the window

The colossal glass windows with a clear view of the garden outside bring the greenery inside flawlessly. The soothing shade of green seen from the windows brings the jungle's flavour to the urban home.

9. Jungle print

A single sofa with a jungle print cover on it is sufficient to add the jungle's soothing charm to the urban home. Even the natural texture of wooden coffee tables takes you to the jungle setup with its presence in the home's interior.

10. Jungle of natural elements

The addition of natural elements in the homes décor brings in the divine feeling of surrounded by nature. Create a set of the urban jungle through a stone cladding wall, a paved indoor garden, bamboo sticks decorating the garden and a rattan recliner to enjoy the jungle's view. 

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